We will be on ASU’s Campus on Friday morning, April 25th to interview the ideal intern’s from the
Walter P. Cronkite School of Journalism.

If you know anyone who fits this criteria please have them contact us.

CloudNine Marketing Inc. seeks an intern/employee who is knowledgeable in maintaining existing websites, updating WORDPRESS blogs and basic graphic design work. This person can work from home saving time and money on travel. The hours are flexible and we are willing to work around your class schedule. Part time 10-15 hours a week ramping to 20+ for the qualified individual.

APPLICABLE MAJOR/MINORS: Business, Computer Science/ internet marketing, Communications and other relevant course work.

Experience with FLASH
Graphic Design- Photoshop
Java Script
Good written and verbal skills a must!

We are a progressive, boutique PR and Marketing Firm.
We have been around since 1997 see visit our website

We are launching new online media content for the holistic health industry. This is an excellent opportunity to get real world experience and share in this successful launch!

3.5 GPA desired Qualified individuals send resume to yvette@cloudninemarketing.com

I had the pleasure of meeting Sirah Vettesse in February at her lovely home in Santa Monica, CA. This is an expert from her latest book Spiritual Makeovers: 10 Practices for Falling in Love with Your Life” which I thoroughly enjoyed reading and recommend. This book has got enough of a YANG (masculine) feel with very practical information. Men will enjoy it also. We are hoping to work more closely with Sirah in the near future. She has great works

As queens of the modern makeover, we bought the clothes, colored the hair, got a personal trainer and remodeled the kitchen. Still, we’re feeling unfulfilled, overwhelmed and under appreciated. What gives?

Most people live with an underlying sense that their life isn’t quite what it could be. Their thoughts are often entrenched in limitation or distraction, which then becomes the causation of unwanted life circumstances. Individuals become so busy handling those circumstances that developing a spiritual practice is either postponed or relegated to an occasional, half-hearted attempt at reclaiming a modicum of peace in an otherwise chaotic existence. Of course this “peace” evaporates as soon as the habitual thought-cycle resumes. If this sounds familiar, then it’s time to consider giving your spiritual life a well-deserved makeover!

The objectives for cultivating a spiritual practice are to acknowledge the presence of our inherent divinity, enjoy a more expansive view of Reality, and to study our mind. To the extent that we become self-realized, we find joy in experiencing that we are intrinsically plugged into the Whole and therefore we are empowered to co-create our lives. This is precisely where the process of a Spiritual Makeover enters. Through a series of simple practices such as the next three, you can begin to access your authentic self and consistently experience deeper contentment in every aspect of your life.


The practice of meditation is about becoming still and aligning with the limitless nature of our own being. With practice, the chatter of the outer world is muffled and one becomes more keenly attuned to the world within and the contents of one’s own mind. With the attention directed inwardly, one’s consciousness begins to resonate with the vibration of wisdom, love, intuition, compassion and so on. This creates an awareness of moving with the flow of life, which eases us into a renewed connection with the Higher Self. What follows is a basic technique of meditation. Sit upright on a straight back chair or on the floor and…

Close your eyes.

Scan the body from head to toe, relaxing each body part.

County from 10 to 1, and drop more deeply into stillness with each number.

When you reach 1, you are in your “safe place.”

Allow yourself to rest in the sacred space.

Resist judging your thoughts and merely remain a witness to them.

Keep your seat for 10 to 20 minutes.


The following is a variation on the previous meditation technique with the exception that you consciously reflect upon a quality while sitting in the silence. So, before you sit, choose a quality that you would like to embody such as joy, courage, faith, peace, compassion, love, etc. Close your eyes and relax into the energetic of your chosen quality. Invite your thoughts to merge with whatever imagery or ideas arise. Metabolize the energy of the quality; internalize it by allowing it to fill your heart and expanding it throughout your body. This will give you an awareness of the mind/body interconnection and its relationship to the quality on which you are focusing. With practice, you will be able to internalize your awareness more quickly and clearly.

There is another use for Conscious Reflection. Let’s say you’re experiencing a sense of disharmony with someone. In such a case you may use Conscious Reflection as a tool of resolution. See yourself applying the qualities of patience, love and compassion toward the individual with whom you are having a challenge. See their face in your mind’s eye; feel them in your heart. Then apply the qualities that would permit you to view the situation more objectively. In this way you are creating the conditions for reconciliation to become a reality in your experience where that individual is concerned.


This practice is about consciously activating the inner observer, as opposed to the reactor. So many of us go through our days in a continual state of reaction not realizing how much energy we spend negatively resisting life’s challenges. Sometimes we can’t remember why we were reactionary, but we hold on to the energy of it anyway. Neutrality is about pausing long enough to suspend our initial emotional reactions so that we may evaluate the bigger picture with greater clarity and then take right action.

Thoughts are interconnected. They cluster together and, due to our conditioning, lead us down the same negatively repetitive channels of thinking. In other words, we react from our conditioning. Neutrality is the gap between our disempowering thoughts. Neutrality, then, is our access point of transcendent awareness where Divine Alignment is activated so that we may receive intuitive guidance from the Higher Self.

Consider this metaphorically by imagining yourself driving a car. When you slip into “neutral”, the gear is right in the middle idling, observing, and determining the best next gear into which to shift. Data begins to gather and evaluation of that data brings into play both reason and intuition. At this juncture you become the observer, listening without a story line for any signals from the engine of the Higher Self. Maybe you’ll decide to move forward with a specific action, or maybe you’ll decide to back out of the way and practice “hands off” until urged from within to begin where you dropped off. But in the context of neutrality, you will make a conscious decision rooted in wisdom, dignity and confidence.

Experiencing the ongoing results of any makeover requires practice and maintenance. Your Spiritual Makeover is no different. So be diligent in your efforts and remember, practice, practice, practice, and always with loving kindness towards the self and others.

Sirah Vettese, Ph.D. author of Spiritual Makeover: 10 Practices for Falling in Love with Your Life, is a counselor, life coach, seminar leader, and motivational speaker.

“Green Washing” is used by companies claiming to be eco-friendly that may not be. The media is becoming suspect of all the claims of “being green” and them starting to turn a blind ear…and so are consumers.

At CloudNine Marketing Inc., we position and deliver media exposure that will cut through the clutter. We pioneered green centric public relations and marketing when we planted our roots in 1997 marketing cyberspace entities, holistic authors, practitioners and products. We have worked with such dignitaries as Deepak Chopra MD on his Alliance for the New Humanity and Ed Begley Jr. to promote SUN FESTIVAL in Scottsdale @ Westworld April 2005 It was a celebration of renewable energy and sustainability.

We were there at the onset before it became “hip” to tout these kinds of products and services. If one of your value adds is a GREEN focus and you’re interested in learning more about marketing, give us a call or better yet visit www.cloudninemarketing.com and learn how we can put the silver lining in your holistic marketing, public relations and event planning campaigns.

Allison Cabral, life coach and organizational consultant has joined the team at CloudNine Marketing Inc, Scottsdale’s premier boutique Public Relations firm. Since 1997 CloudNine’s emphasis has been holistic and green marketing, public relations and event planning.

“We are excited and honored to have Allison with us! She will be an integral part of two upcoming launches. We are ecstatic,” says Trina Becksted Marsh, President of CloudNine Marketing Inc.. Allison brings with her a whole host of talent including 14 years of experience in marketing, public relations and change management in various industries including hospitality, healthcare, technology and design. This includes public relations and marketing with Canyon Ranch Resorts and consulting with Accenture, implementing change management strategies. Allison holds a B.S. degree in Mass Communications from Boston University. Her vast experience and expertise range from consulting, living in China as an educator, to professional speaking, a published writer, and a fitness and nutrition instructor.

Allison is a certified life coach with the North Star group founded by Dr. Martha Beck. She has coached hundreds on life balance, organization, weight loss, and parenting. She has appeared on television as a guest expert for Sonoran Living and Your Life A to Z and is a spokesperson for healthy, balanced living.

In her own life, Allison has learned how to integrate her roles as a coach, business owner, and mother to create a life she loves. Her passions are yoga, fitness, holistic healing, travel, surfing and perfecting the art of baking.

CloudNine is pleased to promote Marianne Williamson: She will be in Scottsdale at the Doubletree Resort in Paradise Valley Sunday April 20th. The following is what she will be speaking on If 60 is the New 50, and 50 is the New 40, When Do Adults Get to Rejoice in Their Maturity?

Workshop Explores how Midlife Can Be Rebirth March 27, 2008
The pressure to stay young has never been stronger. Modern society places a premium on looking and acting younger than your age. Yet there is a need for change at midlife – an emotional pressure for one phase of our lives to transition into another – a human phenomenon, that affects both male and female. There simply comes a time in our lives – not fundamentally different from the way puberty separates childhood from adulthood – when we accept that one part of ourselves needs to “die” for something else to be reborn.

Marianne Williamson bestselling author and lecturer, encourages people to psychologically and spiritually reframe this transition so that it leads to a wonderful sense of joy and awakening. In a her new book, The Age of Miracles: Embracing the New Midlife, Williamson treats this transition as “a magical turning point toward life as we’ve never known it, if we allow ourselves the power of independent imagination.” Now in a powerful new Workshop, Williamson brings these principles to life showing us how to leave behind who you used to be and step into an entirely new domain of your existence.

Williamson will discuss a new and unmapped psychological territory – for a generation that is no longer young, but certainly not described as old. As the physical body begins to slow down, the work of consciousness can begin to rev up. This new perspective allows you to let go of old, limiting thought forms about age passed down from generations and create a life of discovery, faith and love. In your ability to rethink your life lays your greatest power to change it,” shares Williamson. The state of the world today is one big rite of passage for the Baby Boomer generation. Midlife today is like a second puberty; the experience, including its length, is being redefined. Williamson adds. “When we were young, we had energy but were clueless about what to do with it. Today, we have less energy, perhaps, but we have far more understanding what each breath of life is for.And now at last we have a destiny to fulfill, a destiny of a life that is finally truly lived.

Williamson is an internationally acclaimed lecturer who has authored nine books, four of which have been New York Times bestsellers. A popular guest on Oprah, Larry King Live, and Good Morning America, Williamson also has her own radio show, airing on the new XM Radio Block called “Oprah and Friends.”
The Workshop is being presented by New Vision Center on

Sunday, April 20 at
The Doubletree Paradise Valley Resort,
5401 North Scottsdale Road,
Scottsdale, Arizona 85250,
2-5:00 pm.

by Trina Becksted, CloudNine Marketing

The Unity of Divine Love had a special screening of The Moses Code, It was set for a unique synchronized worldwide opening on the weekend of April 5, 2008. The Moses Code is a powerful film bringing together some of the best-known spiritual leaders of our time to discuss the importance of service as a spiritual practice. Setting the stage for a new paradigm in filmmaking, this is the first time that a major spiritual film is being released in conjunction with a worldwide prayer vigil (April 6th).

We saw this movie over the weekend and were inspired by it. Some of the cast I/CloudNine represented back in Cleveland, OH…. During the Days of the Whole Life Expo we promoted Debbie Ford- Author The Dark side of the Light Chasers. This book taught us to own the unloved unsavory sides of us in order to heal them.

I have some history with James Twyman the producer as I hosted him at my home in Cleveland some years ago. Known as the modern day St. Francis he serenaded me with his Peacemaker songs and demonstrated his spoon bending capabilities using his power of intention. The trailer is below and without giving too much of the story line away, it describes the path to GOD as the acronym:

O- Oneness
D- Destiny

We will support Spiritual cinema’s effort promote this film. Please watch the trailer of the film at www.themosescode.com.