Chris Spheeris on Performance!

Remember when we told you that Chris spheeris is coming to Arizona to perform this November? Well, we wanted to stop and give you a little more info on Chris and his music, because this is a concert you wont want to miss!

Read what he has to say about PERFORMANCE:

“If I can help bring about moments of connection within and between people, if I can continue to let moments that I share with my audience surprise me and them, then I will continue to offer my services.

If you have every heard any of my instrumental recordings, you can probably imagine how difficult it would be to recreate this work on stage. Fortunately, with the 3 versatile virtuosos that i do perform with for larger venues, the pieces we take on seem to work well. Zirque Bonner, Eric Zang and Ioannis Goudelis cover bass, additional guitar, oud, ney, additional vocals, middle-eastern, latin and flamenco percussion, piano and accordion.

Most of the time, I tour and perform solo. How? I take to the stage with my guitar and a piano, sing my sensitive, noble-spirited songs, play a few of my instrumental themes, share insights, stories, spoken word pieces, and anything else that might bring us all to laughter and tears.”

Again: The concert is November 7th, 2008 at 7:30 pm! Tickets are $27-$32! Visit the Mesa Arts Center or call the Box Office at 480-644-6500 for more info! We hope to see all of you there!

Dr. Dunn’s Basic Tenants in Kinesiology!!


From Dr. Dunn:

“I know that this must sound a little too simple and easy. It is! I have seen these techniques work their miracles over and over again in the many years that I have been using Kinesiology. The power and beauty of the human body still constantly amaze me. It is truly a miraculous system. And I am amazed at how well these techniques work at helping to restore the body back to balance and health. I see people get their lives back daily.”

Our basic tenants in Kinesiology are these:


The body has an amazing ability to be well if it’s given the right tools. The power that made the body can heal the body.


The body can tell you through muscle testing where the imbalances are.


The body runs on food, ( carbohyd rates, proteins, fats), vitamins and minerals and if it gets the proper amounts of these and the proper kinds of these, it will run smoothly and you will be healthy. If you ignore any of these elements, it will begin to malfunction and disease processes begin.


Lack of the above nutrients can come from variety of sources. Lack of nutrients in our diets, improper supplementation, excess stress (emotional, physical and chemical), active disease processes, (parasites, yeast or fungal infections, viruses) and hereditary factors.


The body can tell you what it needs through muscle testing and how much it needs in a very accurate way. I know that this must sound a little too simple and easy. It is! I have seen these techniques work their miracles over and over again in the twelve years that I have been using Kinesiology.


New Client: Wholistic Kinesiology® Dr. J Ann Dunn!!!

As we said in a recent post, CloudNine Marketing among other things is dedicated to working with clients that have creative and alternative health care methods to share with the world. This is why we couldn’t be more pleased to be representing Dr. J Ann Dunn! Dr. Dunn is the founder and owner of Wholistic Kinesiology™ Center, Inc.
Dr. Dunn is a Certified Chiropractor as well as a Certified Kinesionics Practitioner. Dunn developed the Wholistic Kinesiology Technique years back and currently teaches the technique to her students at the Center. Although she was not the first to explore techniques and practices she has studied them for years and has created her own cocktail, utilizing aspects of each theory to form her own best of the best hybrid technique!
Dunn strongly believes that the potential for feeling good is infinite with the help of her techniques. Through muscle testing, the body(our bodies) can talk. They can shout out what they lack and what they need to become stronger and happier. It has been truly amazing to hear these first hand accounts of the result of her practice. Many people only need one session with her to not only discover the issues and problems but dissolve them completely. Of course, those with extreme issues or deep seeded emotional problems may find that they need more than one session.
To be completely clear, her techniques involve muscle testing…for example…Dunn could have a session with you where she asks you to hold out your arm, she may then decide she needs to ask you a series of questions. As you answer the questions she will test to see how your body and muscles are reacting as the question is asked as well as the reaction as you answer. The findings are endless, and many times shocking!
As we have blogged about before, traditional medical care is not always the answer. There are many people out there that are suffering with pain, only masked by traditional drugs. Dunn techniques offer an array of options not offered ever before. Wholistic Kinesiology can determine imbalances in the body so that problems can be identified before they manifest into a serious problem or disease.
We feel that this is groundbreaking, revolutionary and could heal those who need an alternative. This is alternative health!! It is time for people to regain their health, and take control of their own health. Dunn can teach you how to do just that. She can teach you enough of what she knows so that you can leave a session with her and use what you have learned to communicate with your body through your life.
Dr. Dunn is really on to something here. She is willing to share her passion as well as her methods with the world!
“I love working with people and helping them achieve a much higher level of health, but mostly I love teaching people how to care for themselves and their loved ones,” Dunn says. This technique is such a valuable tool; anyone can learn it and use it to help themselves get and stay healthy!”
CloudNine Marketing is so excited to work with Dr. J Ann Dunn, we can’t wait to see what the future holds for Wholistic Kinesiology.  
To learn more, visit the website!

Have You Heard Of Kinesiology?

What’s Kinesiology?!

Ladies and gentleman, listen up because this is truly amazing! We don’t know if you have heard of Kinesiology before or not. If you haven’t you are seriously missing out on an amazing science! Kinesiology is basically applied human Kinetics. Simply put, it studies and analyses human movement. That’s right, it studies how our bodies function and move. Sounds pretty basic right?…Wrong, there is so much more to Kinesiology than meets the eye. kinesiological approach is applied via muscle testing and therapy.

“Its basic notion is that every organ dysfunction is accompanied by a specific muscle weakness, which enables diseases to be diagnosed through muscle-testing procedures.”

Sound to good to be true? Well this type of study is ancient, and since it is still used today…they must be on to something, don’t you think? The point is that people are desperate these days and medical care is much to expensive. If there was an alternative to medicine, would you explore it? Of course you would. Health care is such a gamble and it is so hard to rely on an unstable economy and health care provider when it comes time for you to get serious health care. Drugs and hospital are outrageously costly and many times the cost is not worth the outcome. Drugs sometimes only hide the pain temporarily and do not address the problem itself. Also, lets be honest…doctors don’t always have the answers do they?

Kinesiology is a remarkable tool that allows you to speak to the body, and if we can ask our body what’s wrong and get an answer and be on the road to a happier and healthier life, why wouldn’t we.  If our nervous system has the ability to give us the secrets to a long life…then lets listen to it! Many people believe that our nervous system is much like an electrical system in that it has both positive and negative flows and that it creates a measurable electromagnetic field. If electrical systems can be shorted than so can our bodies…but it just means something is out of wack and we need to be rewired if you will.

Trained professionals in this field have the ability to ask the body how things are going! They can hear what the body is trying to tell us. It’s time to listen! Why are we pumping our bodies full of these drugs when we can simply get to the bottom of things and solve the problem instead of masking it.

CloudNine Marketing is dedicated to helping spread the word about holistic healing and those who have alternatives that can benefit our nations health and happiness.

Coming to AZ: Chris Spheeris and Ensemble in Concert!

Chris spheeris and his amazing music come to Arizona this November and the CloudNine team is so happy to spread the news!

Music from Chris has appeared in everything from commercials to the olympics and now Chris will be in town to share his music on November 7th, 2008 at 7:30 pm! Chris will perform with the Hellenic Greek Dancers to Help Benefit Higher Education for Hellenic Youth.

“Although my music is abstract in nature, and not intended to convey a particular message, i am very aware of the magical and powerful influence that music can have on the listener. for this reason, i carry with me the responsibility of what i communicate to my audience.”

Tickets are $27-$32! Visit the Mesa Arts Center or call the Box Office at 480-644-6500 for more info! We hope to see all of you there!

Change the World Humanitarian Awards Gala!

CloudNine is so pleased to announce that we are doing some PR work for The Hollywood NOTE Foundation!

The Foundation is celebrating Hollywood’s impact in the philanthropic world via an amazing fundraiser called the “Change the World Humanitarian Awards Gala.” The gala will be here before you know it, May 31, 2009 and will be held at the beautiful Beverly Hilton Hotel in Beverly Hills, California!!

They will be honoring people who has set themselves apart with humanitarian work will recieve one of twelve exclusive awards. Every Honoree will get to appoint a grant to a nonprofit org of their choice.

A few of the winners have been pre-announced! To see the Awards and the pre-announced winners, visit the “Events Page” on their website! More info on this event coming soon!

If you would like to volunteer fro the Hollywood Note Foundation event/events just call 818-392-8338!

New to the HHDirectory: John English!

The CloudNine Marketing team would like to welcome John English to the HHdirectory! John is the Chairman and Founder of DreamTime Publications, LLC. He is also the award winning author of The Shift!

 The Shift: “An Awakening is an inspiring piece of visionary fiction that takes place in present day America. The earth has grown impatient with mankind’s unconscious treatment of her, and sends a prophecy to seers of several different faiths. She has detailed in the prophecy her plan to reset the population on earth if mankind does not meet her simple requirements. At the same time a new political party is born from the confusion of America’s last presidential election. A mystic priest, a seer for the Church of Rome is the first to receive the prophecy. He leaves his home in El Salvador to join a group of mystics in Mountain Home, Utah. Meanwhile, the new political party sets out to create a political paradigm that will guide America and the world, away from environmental destruction. Will the group of mystics succeed in igniting the world’s consciousness before it’s too late? Will the new political party in America survive long enough to make it to the next presidential election, and keep the earth from resetting mankind’s population? The answers are in THE SHIFT.”

 John is also a national speaker and shamanic healer!  His healing work includes The Illumination Process, Extraction of crystallized and fluid energies and Soul Retrieval and Destiny Retrieval.

 “My path through the Medicine Wheel has completely changed my live, and the way I honor this earth walk experience.”—John English

 To learn more about his healing work and available workshops, go here!


Trina and Allison went  to LA September 9th to attend an event for the Hollywood Note Foundation, a nonprofit that promotes and contributes to global philanthropic endeavors of the Hollywood community. The “Change the World”  Humanitarian Award Honoree Launch Party was at the Beverly Hilton which hosted philanthropists, celebrities and many people from the entertainment industry.


This philanthropic stop soon developed into an adventure to remember  as they met a myriad of amazing people over the course of 2 days. First, they met Sebastian Siegel who has played roles in films that include Larceny, Reign of Fire, Atheist and The Family That Preys. He also hosts the show “Hit the Trail” which is part of the 21st Century Man series in Fine Living Network. He has even served as a consultant for the United States Department of Health and Human Service and has been published in the Medical Journal Consultant. AND he’s been on the covers of over 100 magazines! 

Trina and Sebastian found that they shared an affinity for similar literature including Paul Ferrini’s text “Love Without Conditions.” Sebastian recommended Ken Wilber’s book “A Theory of Everything” to Trina and mentioned that his latest endeavor involves developing content on comparative religions. The discussed the 2012 QUANTUM LEAP event, which Sebastian said he would love to attend. Trina says that he was “beautiful, talented and accomplished…a breath of fresh air.” The CloudNine team hopes to represent the launch of his spiritual compositions very soon.

The next day the CloudNine ladies met Greg Glass of and producer of  Discovery’s Planet Green series “Living with Ed.” They had the opportunity to speak with Greg about the Emmy Award Nominated lead character and star of the series, Ed Begley since Ed is headlining the 2012 QUANTUM LEAP Green  content  coming this March. Having Ed share his spiritual and environmentalist beliefs would be an asset to the March event and we can not wait to see the outcome of this potential partnership!

Before the weekend came to an end, the ladies had the pleasure of meeting Chris Million, the CEO of!  A subsidiary of GAIAM   He also overseas the strategy and operations of  Lime Advertising Network,, The Enlightenment Card and Conscious Enlightenment Publishing. For those of you who haven’t heard of, it is a new social network focused around healthy living. It is one of our favorite sites! In fact, we are presently working to create partnerships for our clients with social networks like Needles to say, the ladies were so grateful to sit with Chris to discuss the further development of and

It was an exciting and enlightening trip filled with extraordinary people, an adventure both Trina and Allison won’t forget!  

Kailen Lee Hogan Joins Scottsdale’s CloudNine Marketing, Inc.

Kailen Hogan is a Journalist and published writer from St. George, Utah She is a senior at Arizona State University’s Walter Cronkite School of Journalism. She will receive her degree in Journalism and Mass Communication with an emphasis in Public Relations this year. Since 2005, she has worked for 944 Magazine, Élan Woman Magazine and Magic Dust Television.

She joined the CloudNine Marketing team with editorial and online media experience. Her major role as an editorial assistant is her emphasis on blogging for CloudNine clients She is extremely driven yet her passion for success is tempered by her positive attitude and humble outlook on life. Her main career interests include marketing, sales, public relations and event planning. Kailen lives in Phoenix with her fiancé and their two dogs. When she is not working, she focuses on her personal life which include fitness, travel, community service and most recently the wonderful world of holistic healing.