Established in 1997, CloudNine Marketing Inc. has pioneered Public Relations, Event Management and Marketing in the Holistic Health verticals.

We work with physicians and presenters in the genre of integrative and anti-aging medicine and human potential. We have promoted launches and events for a variety of clientele, including Wayne Dyer and Deepak Chopra. We’ve guided grand openings for wellness centers, helped authors get published, and aided filmmakers in seeing their movies created and screened. CloudNine promoted the Whole Life Expo and films such as The Animal Planet’s Miracle Dogs, international successes The Secret and Living Temples, and Sacred Journey of the Heart which went to mainstream theaters.

Our sponsor support includes great entities such as The Cleveland Clinic Health System, James Cancer Center, Mercedes Benz, Jaguar BMW, The Ritz Carlton, Canyon Ranch and Nordstrom’s. Over the past 23 years, CloudNine has established a proprietary database from a solid network of like-minded alliances, which are making significant contributions to the field of holistic health. This network continues to grow and is definitely one of CloudNine’s greatest strengths.

Maximizing Opportunities While Making The Planet A Better Place To Live.

Our purpose is to create maximum opportunities, changing the way both our clients and their customers feel about the marketing experience. We work with clients whose products or services are positioned to better the planet. We aspire to be the premier holistic PR firm for broadcasting our client’s messages to the world via digital, social and traditional media while bringing holistic approaches to health, welfare and business to the forefront of popularity. Unlike most PR firms, we capitalize on proven traditional and holistic marketing processes that have been refined and validated over dozens of clients and years of experience. Corporate launches are our specialty. We invent out-of-the-box approaches to capture first-to-market presence with attention-getting, innovative strategies.

When you partner with us, you get to play a part in a bigger and relevant marketing universe allowing you to reach thousands of individuals!

+ Lower cost – Greater ROI

+ Up-to-date SEO techniques

+ Social and digital media expertise

+ PR Professionals

+ Large Professional Network

+ Media Relations

+ Blended Holistic and Traditional Processes

+ Value-based Pricing Model

+ Creative and Innovative Approaches

Be sure to view our other venture!

We now offer a very unique combined public relations advertising strategy.  Our traditional public relations and media plans are joined with the strength of our news site Holistic Healing News.  This site now going on 7 years as an established medium, and is growing to be a part of the wonderful online wellness community. We create customized approaches for small to medium sized companies who want to get the best “bang” for their media bucks! This new platform helps green and holistic companies speak to an audience who is affluent, educated, mature, and in the range of 40 years+ of age.

Holistic Healing News — Upscale news site where holistic and mainstream consumers visit to find information, entertainment, products and services for a better quality of life. This hub for healthy living accepts only clients and submissions that keep with its mission to empower vital aging, inspirational living and the promotion of a green and organic lifestyle.

We Will Put You On CloudNine!

If you are a physician, holistic healer, practitioner, author, artist, or have a company or product launch, CloudNine can help promote it! Learn how we can put the silver lining in your holistic marketing, public relations and event planning campaigns.