June 2016

Author Loree Bischoff Says “Stop Whining,Bitching and Suffering”

(Scottsdale,AZ) –During life’s toughest moments,we often lose direction. We can sometimes lose a piece of ourselves when we become overburdened by sadness,stress and pain. It can be difficult to get back on track. Some of us completely lose hope and give up on the idea that we can ever be truly happy.

It’s during these times that we need a personal life coach that can help us get unstuck and break loose from old patterns of thinking and behavior that sabotage us. Loree Bischoff,personal coach and author of the newly released book titled Common Sense Happiness –Five Principals for People Who Want to Stop Whining,Bitching and Suffering gives readers her candid guidance. Bischoff quickly gets her clients on their feet and looking at the world through a new perspective. Bischoff creates an inoffensive and seemingly easy and direct approach to loving life and learning to be happy.

“Life is both too long and too short to be anything less than what you want it to be. There is simply no good reason to spend any time being miserable,unfulfilled,mad,less than happy or stuck in a rut.”

Author Bischoff asks,“Are you unhappy even when you’re having fun? Are other people the reason you’re crabby and unhappy? Do you think you’re not educated enough or rich enough to have a happier life? Do you always feel like a supporting cast member in someone else’s life? Do you have a negative belief about yourself that was established by someone you used to think was (or still think is) smarter than you? Are you just wanting something – anything – to change? Common Sense Happiness will help you do just that.”

Friends and colleagues like Hulk Hogan who have experienced her no nonsense approach can attest to this. “When you read it,you’ll be able to make sense of what you already know,stop the old patterns of thinking and behavior that keep you stuck in misery,and change your life completely,”says Hulk Hogan.

Loree Bischoff’s Common Sense Happiness –Five Principals for People Who Want to Stop Whining,Bitching and Suffering is now on sale at Amazon.com or visit www.commonsensehappiness.com. ISBN:978-1-934509-42-5

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