August 2014

Ageless Movement and Breath from Your Chair:A New Path to Wellness

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March 26,2014    


From the wheel chair bound to the overweight or out of shape person who hasn’t exercised in years,the Ageless Movement &Breath Program is a safe,easy and fun way to help people feel better. Nick Montoya,yoga therapist and coach is the creator of the Ageless Program.

After extensive collaboration with physical and occupational therapists,he developed this powerful newly released DVD by Vayu Productions.  It is helping those suffering from ailments that limit their movement. People with spinal cord injuries,or those undergoing physical rehabilitation,or living with pain are now benefiting from the Ageless Movement and Breath from Your Chair DVD.

Physical Therapists are using it with their patients and the Arizona Spinal Cord Injury Association has endorsed the program for people with these injuries. “Anyone can benefit tremendously and improve their quality of life with Ageless Movement &Breath from Your Chair says Montoya,“no matter their age or ailment or physical condition.”

Students of the program have improved their quality of life,have found themselves getting emotionally and physically stronger,they are healthier,more flexible and have more energy,all by using simple and natural methods of moving and breathing.

This daily DVD program is medically designed to get EVERYONE moving &breathing,no matter their age,physical ability,ailment or illness. It’s an inspiring program that integrates physical therapy,occupational therapy and yoga movement &breath to help patients and the general public gain strength,increase flexibility,reduce stress and manage pain.

No matter how old,sick or immobile a person is,or the injuries they have sustained everyone needs to breathe and move.  Testimonials are mounting from people who have used Ageless Movement and Breath from your Chair.  Like this one from a former obese woman who suffered from depression

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Vitanya Wellness Centers Has InnovativeTechnology For Common Chronic Ailments

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(Scottsdale,AZ) Arizona-based Vitanya Wellness Centers has developed a proactive approach to wellness by supporting the immune system and allowing a person to activate the body’s innate ability to heal itself.

One hundred million adults live in chronic pain,according to a 2011 report from the prestigiousInstitute of Medicine,an arm of the National Academy of Sciences. The implications for our society are huge,including the economic burdens. With the implementation of the Affordable Care Act,affordable health care is on the mind of many Americans.

Health care professionals at Vitanya Wellness Centers have discovered how to alleviate symptoms by initially pinpointing the underlying chemical imbalances behind chronic illnesses. The non-invasive technology is known as bio-mapping,measuring frequencies found in the body. It represents a breakthrough in affordability for anyone who ‘can’t afford to be sick’,according to Dr. Rodney Ray,founder of Vitanya Wellness Centers.

This bio-frequency software maps the body’s natural stressors to help facilitate decisions about client health and wellness. The process also involves uniquely improving photobiotic energy balance and efficiency. This improvement may lead to the reduction of symptoms so results may be realized for allergy relief,sleeplessness,fatigue,autism,hormone imbalances,glaucoma and an array of other ailments.

Vitanya Wellness Centers is expanding its services through franchising to chiropractic offices and other wellness locations. The program represents an affordable,natural alternative to achieve overall health and wellness. And the first visit includes a FREE bio-scan.

Vitanya is the recipient of the 2013 Top Holistic Practitioner in Scottsdale Award. The company’s south Scottsdale location is located at 8010 E. McDowell Road,Suite 101,Scottsdale,AZ 85257,and its north Phoenix location is 18831 N. 19th Ave.,#152,Phoenix,AZ 85027. For more information,visit or call (480) 696-3800.


Kundalini and Ashtanga Classes Available at Harumi Yoga+ Holistic Healing House

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(Scottsdale,AZ) Yoga instructors Mally Paquette,Wanda Letourneau,and Shehnaz (Betti) Ahmed join Harumi Yoga+ in North Scottsdale. Kundalini and Ashtanga classes are available on Wednesday,February 5th from 3:00 pm to 5:30 pm.

Kundalini is a spiritual practice,which moves the energy through the body and brings the unfoldment of awareness. Kundalni yoga is available for any level practitioner. The combination of breath,asana,mudras and mantra allow a deep experience,which opens the nadir,cleanses and detoxifies the entire body,delivering a balance to allow consciousness to blossom.

Ashtanga is a traditional yoga practice for beginners and beyond. It is a “moving mediation”. The partnership of the breath with the asana is the focus. This practice brings breath/prana into all parts of the body,delivering a renewal for the physical,mental and spiritual components of our lives. All levels can benefit from this awareness,“Come be the witness!”

Mally Paquette has been involved with fitness for over 35 years. Her career began as a USPTA tennis professional and then progressed into marathons and fitness training. Returning to an original passion of yoga,Mally re-certified her yoga expanding into Hatha,Ashtanga and Kundalini. She recently received her 500-hour Certificate from 7 Centers with a Yoga therapy emphasis. She resides in Sedona,Arizona with her husband Brien and their many dogs. She is passionate and knowledgeable on many levels of the ancient indigenous paths to health having visited and been taught by the Kogi in South America. She is an excellent motivator who genuinely cares about each individual.

Wanda Letourneau –Yoga Instructor RYT500

Wanda’s classes accommodate everybody and every body. They are designed to mobilize and heal the spaces in your body through stretching,breath work and meditation and stabilize your body in space through Astanga vinyasa flow sequencing. In class you may experience partner poses,adjustments,or restorative poses. All you have to do is just show up.

Restorative classes will be on Tuesday at 6:00 –7:15pm and Thursday at 4:00 –5:15pm

Shehnaz (Betti) Ahmed –NIA instructor

Betti Ahmed,a classical pianist and ballet/jazz dancer,first fell in love with the Nia Technique while in college. After graduating from college,she followed her passion to get certified as a Nia instructor in Los Angeles and immediately started teaching in the L.A. area. When she moved to Arizona in 2010,she furthered her education with Nia co-founder,Debbie Rosas,and prominent Nia Trainer,Helen Terry in Portland. Betti is also a Licensed Massage Therapist,having studied at Southwest Institute of Healing Arts,which she believes is a great complement to her teaching. “For me,Nia is freedom –I am free to be uninhibited,playful,strong,vulnerable…you name it. Nia is not only a great workout,but it has the ability to transform one’s life. I love that,and I love sharing it with people and building a community with those who are open to it” Betti said.

Nia classes will be on Monday at 4:30 –5:30pm and Saturday at 8am to 9am

Harumi Yoga+ Holistic Healing House is located on the Southwest corner of Pima and Pinnacle Peak Roads in North Scottsdale,AZ.  The Studio offers various types of Yoga classes,therapies,wellness workshops and meditation.  Harumi Yoga is a great place to develop new friendships and community with fun and entertaining events too,like dance.

Harumi Yoga + was founded by Harumi Maejima,a 15 year plus Kripalu Elite 500-hour yoga teacher and certified Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy Practitioner.  The staff offers students nurturing support and education for a healthy,happy,spiritual and emotionally balanced life.

For more information and a schedule of classes,see or call 480-292-9493.

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