Q&A With HOWARD FALCO Author of I Am

How have the teachings in I Am influenced your own life?

By understanding the true creative nature of myself, and the way in which my energy affects all the people, places and things that I encounter in the world around me, I now live with a sense of clarity and peace that is at times beyond words. Every day is seen for the gift that it is. Each experience I encounter is understood for its perfection as it relates to my individual creative journey. This daily experience of harmony and balance allows me to serve others in my life more from a constant state of unconditional love.


You write that the ideas in the book resulted from a sudden shift in awareness. Describe that shift.

My “shift” happened in two separate instances that are detailed in the introduction of I AM. The first shift occurred after an intense period of questioning the purpose of my life and why I was not completely content.  A few weeks later, I became aware of how I interpreted myself from my past and how this affected my present. I realized that I am always in control of how I experience my life and myself. This realization cracked the egg for me so to speak. I became very interested in learning more. I was also fascinated with how I had asked a sincere question and within weeks found myself in front of the exact answer!


This led to my second experience where I became aware of the essence and mechanics behind the intent and creation of all of life. This experience shattered the egg. A new incredible vision and understanding of life had emerged.


Your book provides great advice on how to manage and reassess stressful situations, like road rage (pg. 252) and getting lost (pg. 85). How do you handle stressful moments?

Stressful moments are no longer seen as something working against me, but rather are seen as something for me to learn from. Before the new awareness, undesired information or experiences were resisted to a greater degree, which led to more intense and longer lasting suffering. With the new awareness I am able to see the purpose for any particular situation. This produces a state of peace and clarity allowing me to take the best outlook and actions towards what I am experiencing. This change in outlook is the vital mindset that changes the undesired situation, putting it more in line with what I desire in a much faster experience of time.




In Chapter 9, you write about addiction.  What can we learn about our addictions in I Am?

I AM presents a fresh way to look at the driving force behind all addictive patterns. This is an awareness that goes beyond personality types, beyond brain chemistry and beyond pleasure-seeking reasons as to why the addiction continues. I AM presents each addiction as the preferred method on the part of the addicted to achieve a more tolerable state of mind, no matter how temporary it is and with little regard for the consequences. It reveals the addiction for the current method of survival that it is for those addicted and sheds light on the origin and cause of the negative state of mind that the addicted is seeking relief from.


The book concludes with a Question-And-Answer Process (appendix A) to help readers learn more about themselves.  What have you learned about yourself through the process?

I have learned that I am a creative being without end. I have learned that my life is exactly what I make of it based on what I see and believe is possible for me. I have learned that this universe is here to support me on my journey in every moment and in every way shape and form. I have learned that it is not a matter of if I will survive any new road I decide to travel down (like this one) but rather only a matter of how I will choose to survive through the never-ending creative declaration and demonstration of who I am.


What words do you use to define yourself? How do you finish your “I Am” statement?

There are thousands of I AM’s that one has in any given moment. However, from a broader sense; I AM whomever I choose to be in each moment. For example, before my experience one of my I AM’s was “I AM a married father of two who is working hard to find a state of balance and contentment.” After my experience one of my I AM’s was “ I AM someone who understands the nature and intent of all of life.” When I started to write about this understanding my I AM was “I AM a writer.” When I was done writing and intended to get published my I AM was “I AM an author.” Now that the book is being published, one of my current I AM’s is “I AM a speaker and teacher regarding the nature of the creation of life and the real creative power within each of us.” This will remain one of my I AM’s until this particular creative intention changes.


What do you hope readers get out of I AM?

My intent for the reader of I AM is that they come away with an expanded awareness regarding the entire creative nature and purpose of all of life. I hope they realize more of their true worth and perfection and the endless creative possibilities that exist for them upon this realization. In short, a sense of more love, honor and appreciation, for themselves and for the elegant universe that serves them in every moment.