Stop Making Cancer with Dr. Thomas Lodi, M.D by Love Your Life with Michelle

The mission statement of An Oasis of Healing Alternative Cancer Treatment Center where Dr. Thomas Lodi works is:

An Oasis of Healing is a comprehensive and integrative medical and healing facility that helps patients and their families learn to re-establish health after having been diagnosed with cancer.

The three-Pillared Foundation Is:

Teach Patients to Stop Making Cancer

Target & Eliminate the Cancer Without Harming the Patient

Stimulate, Balance & Enhance the Immune system

By incorporating integrative medical services, the highest quality natural health products, and a unique educational and training program, we inspire patients to regain their birthright – health.

I get goosebumps when reading this. This is going to be a phenominal interview that you won’t want to miss.

To hear the interview visit Love Your Life by Michelle You can find Dr. Lodi and information on his healing center at