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Tap Your Way To Health in 2013!

Learn how to “tap” out old blocks and install new approaches in just 15 minutes using acupuncture spots on your body!  Wholistic Healthcare’s very own Jen Hewat will teach you how to free yourself from old habits,  break sugar addictions,  old food indulgences and detox,  and become more active and physically fit at this unique event held at the Advanced Wellness Center  (33747 N. Scottsdale Rd. Suite 115, Scottsdale, AZ 85266).  Along with Jen,   Nutritionist Christie Christiaens will be there sharing the secrets to her New Year Detox.  Don’t miss out on this wonderful event for only $20 held this Thursday, January 24 at 7:00 pm.  Seating is limited so reserve your spot today by calling 410-274-6376!


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Tap Your Way into Health

Clean It or Lose It Thomas Lodi, MD

Just as we don’t walk down the street and “catch” health; neither do we walk down the street and “catch” diseases. We earn either health or disease by how we live our lives. One person sneezes in a room with his mouth uncovered and only 3 of the 10 people in that room get sick. Why? With the exception of genetic conditions, which account for less than 3% of illnesses, all other conditions are earned. What “runs” in families are eating habits and life styles. One hundred years ago, 0.5% of Americans got cancer. Almost 50% of Americans alive today, will get cancer in their lifetimes. Where is the genetics in that?

Health is best defined as the ‘optimal functioning of an organism’. We really have no idea what ‘optimal functioning’ of human beings might “look like” because we live in a society where the majority of people are sickly. Our standard of “health” is really a standard of varying degrees of sickness. We regard most people as ‘well’ if they can attend to their survival needs. In fact, most people define health as “the absence of disease”, which is tantamount to defining “light” as the “absence of darkness”.

Nature heals! You cannot purchase a cure but you can earn your health. A surgeon can only bring two edges of skin together from a laceration and suture them, but nature will restore the viability and integrity of the skin. Only by living according the natural laws which define our biology do we have a chance at being restored to health. Natural laws are non-negotiable. Apples seeds never yield orange trees.

The first step in healing is to stop causing disease. This can only be accomplished by simultaneously ceasing to ingest unwholesome foods and drinks while cleaning out poisonous waste from the body. There are five waste removal systems in our bodies: bowels, kidneys, skin, lungs, and lymph. The human colon is approximately five feet in length and one of its functions is to reabsorb water. Therefore, if you are not defecating five feet of waste daily, you are retaining a substance so toxic that if one drop were to enter your blood stream you would become extremely ill and possibly die. When you continually reabsorb the water of the retained feces, toxins are also absorbed into the blood. Once toxins reach the blood, it is called toxemia. This small amount of continual toxemia is part of what keeps the whole body in an underlying inflammatory state which is the basic pathology of all illnesses.

Keep in mind that the immune system has two broad functions and can therefore, be classified as the department of defense and the department of maintenance. If the immune system is overwhelmed by maintenance requirements there are little or no resources left over for defense. Clearly then, it is imperative that we “take over” as much of the maintenance duties as possible so that the immune system can continue to defend us from infections, trauma and cancer.

Whatever cannot be used for normal metabolic needs of growth, repair, reproduction, building new tissues, or providing energy must be eliminated. If not eliminated, normal metabolic functions cease and sickness and death result.

Aadii Center for Enlightened Healing in Sedona AZ A Luxury Juice Fast Retreat Center

(Sedona, AZ) – Dr. Marianna Fisher NMD, and raw food chef Pam Nectar formerly of the Tree of Life Rejuvenation Center in Patagonia, AZ, are opening their new luxury juice fasting retreat in Sedona, AZ.

“The Center is named after a Sanskrit term “Aadii” meaning “coming into Enlightenment”. We are offering medically-supervised juice fasts as a path to healing the body, clearing the mind and enhancing spiritual awareness” explains Dr Fisher.

At Aadii, these juice fasts and therapeutic, raw diets are modified daily according to each client’s individual needs. Each client is monitored continually throughout the program to maximize the positive impacts of a juice cleanse while simultaneously minimizing potential side effects.

Only the finest organic, raw fruit and vegetable juices (pressed fresh as needed) will be used. Modified raw food diets will reverse degenerative diseases and promote regeneration (i.e. anti-aging or stopping, slowing and reversing the aging process).

Medically-supervised juice fasting has the ability to lower blood pressure and cholesterol, peel off excess weight, reduce both physiological and emotional stress, improve digestion and absorption and correct other digestive disturbances like IBS, GERD or heartburn, reduce allergies, alleviate chronic arthritis and other pain syndromes. This happens by reducing inflammation, stabilizing mood and emotional volatility, improving sleep, increasing and enhancing mental clarity and a sense of well being. These are just some of the benefits.

Each client is properly educated, prior to arrival at the Center and monitored throughout each program, so a one-on-one relationship is quickly established and developed into a long-term, ongoing relationship, regardless of distance.

Their unique health concerns and nutritional needs are evaluated individually. Dr. Fisher and Raw Chef Pam Nectar work together to develop a specific, personalized health plan that will suit the needs of each individual.

Program Details: Proper staffing is combined with careful educational programming to create a fully integrated, holistic approach which includes body, mind and spirit and beyond. Programs incorporate daily group experiential activities that address the broadest context of holistic healing, encompassing home, family, community, and global concerns as well.

Clients are educated in fundamental self-care techniques. Daily activities include yoga, meditation, juice and raw food preparation, making proper food choices relative to global environmental impact such as buying produce locally when available, conserving resources and seasonal modifications like modifying diets appropriately to address underlying chronic or acute symptoms.

The program introduces the concept of Vis Medicatrix Naturae (the healing power of Nature) and focuses on the often overlooked, but fundamental knowledge that our bodies do have an innate ability to heal when given the proper conditions.

The program is supportive yet provocative, luxurious yet intimate, individualized yet group focused, experiential yet introspective. Clients are pampered yet encouraged to explore new options and possibilities for healing. The program offers expert, professional advice from a mature and experienced staff yet encourages self-responsibility as an essential component on the path to health and well being.
Self-care is about taking personal responsibility through daily lifestyle choices that will create the conditions for healing and wellness.

The founders are committed to eliminating senseless starvation and mindless cruelty to animals as well as caretaking Mother Earth. “If we change the way we eat, we can change the world – one person at a time” says raw chef “foodie” Pam Nectar.

Take the first step towards healing the planet by joining the Aadii Center for Enlightened Healing debut retreat November 4th-13th in Sedona and receive a 40% discount on their premier 10 day luxury juice fast program . Please view the website at for more information.