“You have cancer.” These are three words that can devastate you and your loved ones. In 2012, over one million people will be diagnosed with cancer. One out of every two men and one out of every 2.5 women will be diagnosed with cancer in their lifetimes. Cancer is the second leading cause of death in the United States. Despite these terrifying statistics, most cancers are in fact preventable.

Cancer is defined as unregulated cell growth in which the cells of one’s body divide and grow uncontrollably. Approximately five to ten percent of cancer is hereditary. This means that most cancers are caused by the environment or lifestyle, such as poor physical activity and diet, tobacco use, or toxins in the environment. Fortunately, one can control the environment or lifestyle they are currently in so they can minimize the risk of cancer.

Large cities are often filled with pollutants and toxins in the air—a result of the industrialized nature of these cities. Factories, cars, and other machinery all produce toxins which are released into the air and soon, into our lungs. These unnatural toxins can be the stepping stone towards stage I cancer—one of the four stages in cancerous growth, with stage IV being the most advanced of the stages. Smaller cities or towns do not suffer from the same problem.

Another way to minimize the risk of cancer is to adopt a healthy lifestyle. Despite leaps in cancer research in the past decades, deaths from cancer have remained the same. One reason for this has been the increase in lung cancer. This affects both men and women and is mainly a result from none other than tobacco use. It is common knowledge that tobacco use can cause cancer, so by cutting tobacco use out of one’s lifestyle, it can reduce the risk of cancer dramatically.

Changing one’s diet is also a step toward achieving a healthy lifestyle. Many processed foods have added preservatives and other chemicals to make their food last longer. However, since a natural part of life is death, companies must add unnatural ingredients which, much like the toxins in the air, can upset the natural growth of a body.

Being diagnosed with cancer may feel like the end of the world, but fortunately it is not. Dr. Thomas Lodi, M.D., the founder of An Oasis of Healing, an alternative cancer treatment center in Mesa, Arizona, is dedicated to helping people stop making cancer through alternative medicine therapies. With his Insulin Potentiation Therapy—a low dose form of chemotherapy used since the 1930s—he has been able to take on stage IV cancer patients with only weeks left to live and save their lives. Because the dosing is much lower than traditional chemotherapy, the side effects such as hair loss and decreased production of blood cells are minimized. This allows the treatment to be given more frequently and therefore, the cancer cells have less time to become resistant to the drug. For more information on this alternative medicine therapy, visit

The mission statement of An Oasis of Healing Alternative Cancer Treatment Center where Dr. Thomas Lodi works is:

An Oasis of Healing is a comprehensive and integrative medical and healing facility that helps patients and their families learn to re-establish health after having been diagnosed with cancer.

The three-Pillared Foundation Is:

Teach Patients to Stop Making Cancer

Target & Eliminate the Cancer Without Harming the Patient

Stimulate, Balance & Enhance the Immune system

By incorporating integrative medical services, the highest quality natural health products, and a unique educational and training program, we inspire patients to regain their birthright – health.

I get goosebumps when reading this. This is going to be a phenominal interview that you won’t want to miss.

To hear the interview visit Love Your Life by Michelle You can find Dr. Lodi and information on his healing center at

Just as we don’t walk down the street and “catch” health; neither do we walk down the street and “catch” diseases. We earn either health or disease by how we live our lives. One person sneezes in a room with his mouth uncovered and only 3 of the 10 people in that room get sick. Why? With the exception of genetic conditions, which account for less than 3% of illnesses, all other conditions are earned. What “runs” in families are eating habits and life styles. One hundred years ago, 0.5% of Americans got cancer. Almost 50% of Americans alive today, will get cancer in their lifetimes. Where is the genetics in that?

Health is best defined as the ‘optimal functioning of an organism’. We really have no idea what ‘optimal functioning’ of human beings might “look like” because we live in a society where the majority of people are sickly. Our standard of “health” is really a standard of varying degrees of sickness. We regard most people as ‘well’ if they can attend to their survival needs. In fact, most people define health as “the absence of disease”, which is tantamount to defining “light” as the “absence of darkness”.

Nature heals! You cannot purchase a cure but you can earn your health. A surgeon can only bring two edges of skin together from a laceration and suture them, but nature will restore the viability and integrity of the skin. Only by living according the natural laws which define our biology do we have a chance at being restored to health. Natural laws are non-negotiable. Apples seeds never yield orange trees.

The first step in healing is to stop causing disease. This can only be accomplished by simultaneously ceasing to ingest unwholesome foods and drinks while cleaning out poisonous waste from the body. There are five waste removal systems in our bodies: bowels, kidneys, skin, lungs, and lymph. The human colon is approximately five feet in length and one of its functions is to reabsorb water. Therefore, if you are not defecating five feet of waste daily, you are retaining a substance so toxic that if one drop were to enter your blood stream you would become extremely ill and possibly die. When you continually reabsorb the water of the retained feces, toxins are also absorbed into the blood. Once toxins reach the blood, it is called toxemia. This small amount of continual toxemia is part of what keeps the whole body in an underlying inflammatory state which is the basic pathology of all illnesses.

Keep in mind that the immune system has two broad functions and can therefore, be classified as the department of defense and the department of maintenance. If the immune system is overwhelmed by maintenance requirements there are little or no resources left over for defense. Clearly then, it is imperative that we “take over” as much of the maintenance duties as possible so that the immune system can continue to defend us from infections, trauma and cancer.

Whatever cannot be used for normal metabolic needs of growth, repair, reproduction, building new tissues, or providing energy must be eliminated. If not eliminated, normal metabolic functions cease and sickness and death result.