Life is full of stressors and challenges. Most people feel that there is nothing to help them get out of the rut they feel trapped in. Finding happiness or reaching your greatest potential doesn’t have to be so far out of reach. The good news is that there is help out there to guide you. A life coach works with clients who want an objective, non-judgmental partner to help them improve, evolve, and enhance their lives.

A life coach is not therapy. Where therapy brings understanding and awareness of the past to a client, coaching starts with where a client is currently at and moves to propel them forward toward their desires. The personal coaches job is to propel the client forward by helping them break through self-imposed barriers get clear on their goals and determine a course of action. Therapists and doctors generally work with unhealthy people to try and bring them back to a state of mental or physical good health. They are healers. Life coaches work with healthy people and, within the scope of their current abilities, try to help them achieve the highest levels of personal life satisfaction that they desire.

As the client, you want to look for a life coach who understands your goals, can mentor you while at the same time lead you to find the answers within yourself, motivates and champions you, helps you create an action plan that you will commit to and holds you accountable. The best life coach is one who can help you figure out how to be happy in life!

Life Coaching can really be an amazing process for those who are truly seeking to change or enhance their lives whether it’s more meaning, finding happiness or better Relationships they’re seeking.

Loree Bischoff is a teaching personal coach. She helps her clients learn how to help him or herself. It can be fun and enlightening. What you get out of it ultimately depends on your willingness to expand your thinking, shift your perspective and your commitment to your own growth. To learn more visit