New Client: Wholistic Kinesiology® Dr. J Ann Dunn!!!

As we said in a recent post, CloudNine Marketing among other things is dedicated to working with clients that have creative and alternative health care methods to share with the world. This is why we couldn’t be more pleased to be representing Dr. J Ann Dunn! Dr. Dunn is the founder and owner of Wholistic Kinesiology™ Center, Inc.
Dr. Dunn is a Certified Chiropractor as well as a Certified Kinesionics Practitioner. Dunn developed the Wholistic Kinesiology Technique years back and currently teaches the technique to her students at the Center. Although she was not the first to explore techniques and practices she has studied them for years and has created her own cocktail, utilizing aspects of each theory to form her own best of the best hybrid technique!
Dunn strongly believes that the potential for feeling good is infinite with the help of her techniques. Through muscle testing, the body(our bodies) can talk. They can shout out what they lack and what they need to become stronger and happier. It has been truly amazing to hear these first hand accounts of the result of her practice. Many people only need one session with her to not only discover the issues and problems but dissolve them completely. Of course, those with extreme issues or deep seeded emotional problems may find that they need more than one session.
To be completely clear, her techniques involve muscle testing…for example…Dunn could have a session with you where she asks you to hold out your arm, she may then decide she needs to ask you a series of questions. As you answer the questions she will test to see how your body and muscles are reacting as the question is asked as well as the reaction as you answer. The findings are endless, and many times shocking!
As we have blogged about before, traditional medical care is not always the answer. There are many people out there that are suffering with pain, only masked by traditional drugs. Dunn techniques offer an array of options not offered ever before. Wholistic Kinesiology can determine imbalances in the body so that problems can be identified before they manifest into a serious problem or disease.
We feel that this is groundbreaking, revolutionary and could heal those who need an alternative. This is alternative health!! It is time for people to regain their health, and take control of their own health. Dunn can teach you how to do just that. She can teach you enough of what she knows so that you can leave a session with her and use what you have learned to communicate with your body through your life.
Dr. Dunn is really on to something here. She is willing to share her passion as well as her methods with the world!
“I love working with people and helping them achieve a much higher level of health, but mostly I love teaching people how to care for themselves and their loved ones,” Dunn says. This technique is such a valuable tool; anyone can learn it and use it to help themselves get and stay healthy!”
CloudNine Marketing is so excited to work with Dr. J Ann Dunn, we can’t wait to see what the future holds for Wholistic Kinesiology.  
To learn more, visit the website!