(Seattle, WA)  September 21, 2009 – Stress is inevitable, those who invest time to rejuvenate will have a better sense of well being and overall health.  Living Temples is a 45 minute relaxation experience that revives and promotes emotional, physical and spiritual healing. 


Living Temples is ambient art, a field trip for the soul that takes viewers to mystical places in Arizona and the American Southwest.   It’s where cutting-edge artistry, ancient wisdom and quantum physics merge. Two-time Emmy Award winning director Jan Nickman, www.jannickman.com  Academy Award winning actor Linda Hunt and Grammy nominated composer David Lanz turn home entertainment centers into healing centers.  A year in the making, Living Temples – Sacred Land is garnering the attention of leading health and wellness experts as nothing short of  “a transcendent healing experience,” -Barry Bittman, MD, neurologist, researcher.


Soon after its release, Living Temples – Sacred Land began receiving reviews from MD’s and wellness professionals, quantifying it as a healing experience.  PhD and best-selling author of the Biology of Belief, Bruce H. Lipton describes the significance of Living Temples- Sacred Land:  “Living Temples’ synergy of natural planetary beauty, deeply resonant music and contemplative spoken word strikes a rare chord that re-balances and heals mind and body.” 


When asked about the making of Living Temples – Sacred Land, Nickman explains, “It is primarily an “experiential” film.  It is not a nature documentary, nor a story with a plot.  It is a unique third form of expression using music more than words as the language.”  Employing world class Hollywood production talent, a significant budget and a year in active production to create a distinctly non-Hollywood film, Nickman and crew knew if they all did their jobs right, they would create a revolutionary film that moved audiences beyond the discussion of healing, as so many successful books and television shows have done and into the actual experience of it.


Available on high definition Blu-ray disc $24.95, standard DVD $19.95 and online download $10.00 at www.thirdplanetproductions.com  Interviews, trailers and photos available upon request.