11 11 11 November 11, 2011 A Day of Master Inspiration

Many spiritual modalities have talked about this day, the day with six ones ‑ 11/11/2011. This is a master day of powerful life changing inspiration.


Numerologically, when two of the same numbers (1’s in this example) are together, they charge each other and double the vibration of the number.  ‘Ones’ are all about new beginnings, leadership, ideas and independence. So 11 in mastery is about invention and unique thoughts that have an impact on the world and the people in it.  Such a leader and inspirer with an 11 expression in his name was Martin Luther King Jr.


‘Eleven’ energy is the ability to transform intuition into action and inspire others to live up to their own potential.  This is the fire of the mind and tapping into the wisdom of the universe.


Today we are talking about 3 sets of 11s. Triple the energy of inspiration and intuition.  This puts the vibration at such a high level that it can affect energies in the physical, mental, environmental and spiritual plane in a profound way.  Meditation and setting intentions at this time can lift your psyche, and your life purpose as well as help the planet.


Taking it further, we look at 11/11/2011. Adding this together: 1+1+1+1+2+0+1+1 = 8

Eight is a number vibration representing ‘power’ in its raw form. Embracing the true essence of power is to be humble. It is about connecting with the inner spirit of abundance‑which is nature, the universe and your inner soul. It is love and appreciation for all possibilities and everything we experience and joyfully empowering others to do the same.


Sound healer Tom Kenyan talks about this time as a period of transformation (moving beyond form). It is a time where your thought forms, belief systems as well as external realities in your life can shift. It might be uneasy for some, but is a great opportunity to move out of the stagnation of your life. His website is very informative and you can download meditations to help. Here is a link specifically talking about this time of transformation: http://tomkenyon.com/transmission-of-light-the-pituitary-dimensional-attunement.


Throughout 2011, you may be experiencing this transitional, often unsettling phenomenon, as our systems (political, financial, social and environmental) are breaking down. Our work is not to live in fear but to recognize that change is around us and breath with it. If you are not already doing so, this can be a time to meditate, get involved with your community, do yoga, take long walks in nature, paint, dance, or whatever feels right to you to somehow connect with spirit and move the energy.


You can create an intention towards change in your life. What can you do differently that can affect your joy, your creativity, your connection with others? How can you see yourself in a more enlightened way? What can you do to make one difference, to another, to the environment and to spirit?


On 11/11/11, it would be a powerful day to meditate on your own or with others and connect together with the group consciousness towards inspirational enlightenment.


I would love to hear from you about your insights and intentions.


Much love,



Greer Jonas is a numerologist, painter and teacher living in NYC.

For more information, go to www.numbers4me.com or email at greer@numbers4me.com