2012 One Heart Foundation, a nonprofit, 501 (c)(3) organization, founded by Wisdom Teacher Sri Ram Kaa and Angelic Oracle Kira Raa, presents “2012 QUANTUM LEAP: A Celebration of New Thought, Green Living, Arts, Music and Science” March 13th – 15th, 2009 at the Burbank Marriott Hotel, in Burbank, California.

December 21, 2012 is the last date recorded on the Mayan Calendar. Websites and media are evoking fear and hysteria. ABC is producing a show asking viewers “How do you think the world will end?”. Sony Pictures is investing $200 million to produce 2012 Apocalypse for release July 2009. T-shirts are for sale that read “2012 DOOMSDAY.” Adults and children are wondering, “Is there hope?” Ever wonder how we in the US, the world’s richest nation can be so depressed and anxiety ridden?

What is needed is a Quantum Leap into a new positive reality and the courage, skills, and trust to live from this place. 2012 Quantum Leap is a celebration that breaks through the limitations of fear, anxiety, doom, and depression which exist around this coming calendar day. 2012 Quantum Leap invites participants to join forces and co-create a new beginning. We are creating a world with a very bright future, where people share resources, live in gratitude and realize the gifts that abound as they live fully with a commitment to THRIVE. The producers own www.2012magazine.com, a website that will launch soon to promote this new way of being. It will provide Thrival skills for 2012 and beyond.

This event will focus on creating a new beginning as well as fostering empowerment and positive change. Attendees will be uplifted as they build a positive future and begin to shift into a new paradigm of thought which WILL ripple around the world. The 3 day-long events will provide attendees multi-sensory, multi-dimensional, and multi-level experiences to enlighten, inspire and align their physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual bodies, giving them clear, experiential answers to the questions, “Who am I? …and what is my role in our future?”

Major presenters invited include Dr. Edgar Mitchell, George Noory, William Henry, Byron Katie, Dr Joe Dispenza, Meredith Young Sowers and Tulku Karma Rinpoche. Celebrity appearances will be announced.

Sri Ram Kaa and Kira Raa are acclaimed 2012 visionaries, best-selling authors, radio personalities and founders of the Avesa Quantum Healing Institute and TOSA Center for Healing. Their new book, 2012 Awakening: Choosing Spirituality or Armageddon, is scheduled for release this fall of 2008 and is already pre-selling on Amazon.

This groundbreaking, experiential conference, will be an initiating event, and will travel across the United States, giving participants the understanding and skills required to successfully navigate these extraordinary changing times and also strengthen them to be the foundation in their communities, for clear-headedness, reliability, and support.

Keynote speakers, vendors and supporters can visit www.cloudninemarketing.com/pressroom or contact Trina Becksted Marsh 480/419.1799.

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