NutreaLife offers the future of health benefits now with the debut of its new

tele-health, wellness and discount benefits plans with an “app” for easy access.


ROCKVILLE, MD…  NutreaLife, a health products and services company, announced the debut of its new tele-health benefit and discount plans designed to empower patients with unprecedented access, affordability and control over their own healthcare choices. Integrating MDLive medical service portals powered by “Healthiest You,” a Web-based host of tele-health services, NutreaLife now offers some of the most comprehensive discounts and benefits available, at the lowest prices in the market today.

“Our goal is to streamline the way patients receive and manage their healthcare and, at the same time, make high-quality care affordable,” said NutreaLife CEO, Edward Joseph Eyring, M.D. “We took care to examine the big picture of healthcare from a holistic point of view. We vetted a number of tele-health providers to ensure our members would receive the best services available. We are thrilled about working with Healthiest You.”

With a number of tele-health providers entering the market, Healthiest You is unique in that it provides one of the least expensive monthly tele-health plans to allow unlimited online or phone consultations with a Board-certified US physician, any time, day or night, at no extra charge.

It is also one of the only tele-health services to allow members to select a local physician of their choice. Members can search for, review and select physicians in their states with free online access to the Healthiest You database, which is updated in real-time daily. Insured members can also filter searches to include only authorized providers so they can remain “in-network.” These features are especially advantageous when an in-person follow-up with a tele-health doctor is necessary.

The database also enables members to search pharmacies in their area to find the lowest prices on their prescriptions. Additionally, searches for the best prices on laboratory tests, radiology exams and medical procedures produce results relevant to both insured and uninsured members.

Secure online medical record storage is another unique benefit. NutreaLife members can upload medical records into their own confidential accounts and access their own information on demand as long as they are members.  With extra security measures built into the system, members can control who has permission to access these records.

“Our benefits place the power into the patient’s control, explained Dr. Eyring. “We believe high-quality, personalized care and preventive support should be affordable and accessible to everyone, whether they are currently insured or not.”

If “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure,” NutreaLife benefits hold a lot of weight. NutreaLife members are entitled to free preventive care and wellness options including health assessments, wellness coaching and steep discounts on NutreaLife’s nutritional supplements and homeopathic remedies.

NutreaLife membership is among the most affordable with monthly plans starting at $11. Members that don’t already have an insurance-issued prescription plan can receive discounts from 10% to 80% on prescriptions at most major pharmacies. All members get exclusive discounts on NutreaLife’s health supplements and other services. In addition to saving money, members save time. All services are accessible by telephone, computer or any digital device with access to the internet, which cuts out travel time.

“We are especially excited about Healthiest You’s new mobile app that will further simplify health management for our members,” said Dr. Eyring. Designed to enhance the user’s experience, the free “app” makes the online benefits accessible “on-the-go” from internet-ready mobile smart devices. App features include a pharmacy locater, prescription price comparisons, mobile access to search tools and automatic “push” alerts that inform members detected waiting in an emergency room that they have an option to speak with a tele-health physician.

“We envision NutreaLife as an equal-opportunity advocate for healthy lifestyle choices. With easy access to affordable, quality health benefits from the privacy and convenience of your own home,” Dr. Eyring concluded.

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