Contact: Trina Becksted Brings Their Quantum Consciousness Conference to Sedona, AZ November 6-8 2015

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IMG_1397(Sedona, AZ) We live in a time where energy medicine is at the forefront of many health providers and practitioners’ minds. Given the facts that our bodies are electrical it stands to reason we would respond well to positively charging our energy bodies with proper frequencies to ward off disease, prolong aging and reverse it. With nearly two-thirds of Americans tethered to handheld devices for 10 or more hours each day along with exposure from other EMF omitting equipment like microwaves, HD TV’s and computers, we need to reboot ourselves to maintain maximum moods, performance sleep patterns and more. Quantum Life has download app solutions where you can turn your cell phone into a self-healing device. Using their app “health on the go” you can.

According to Karen Williams MSS, DNM, LCPH, HMA, Founder and CEO of Quantum Life “We wanted to create a tool where people can be co-creative with their innate energetic healing source where all the innate ability to heal resides. Our products are healing tools that correctly read imbalances in the body and properly provide alignment.

Karen and her Quantum Life Team will be hosting a Quantum Consciousness conference November 6th-8th, 2015 in Sedona, AZ. This conference “will empower you to fine tune your health and wellness because we are in a constant state of aligning and tuning.”

Karen is a licensed homeopath and holistic health care practitioner. She is passionate about the benefits of complementary and alternative medicine and is dedicated to creating more ‘health’ in the world.

During her studies in the UK as a homeopath, she began working with Bioenergetic Technology in 1994 after witnessing the fantastic benefits that this technology offers. She brings 13 years in business, 9 years as a successful entrepreneur, to her commitment and belief in giving people more effective healthcare choices. Quantum-Life continuously searches for innovative technologies that can maximize the benefits of energetic medicine.

“We provide our clients with information and access to the best, state-of-the-art equipment and software for use in their complementary health practices.” –Karen Williams, Founder of Quantum-Life

The event takes place at the Sedona Creative Life Center: 333 Schnebly Hill Road, Sedona, Arizona 86336 on Friday November 6- Sunday November 8 this year. Admission is $195 for individuals $295 for couples for early birds till 10/23/15. Attendees will be able to meet quantum energy practitioners who will advise them on self- healing to balance their health and well-being.

For more information visit The company is headquartered in Santa Barbara, CA. Call for more information and to register at: 877-711-3233

Purify your water through Quantum-Life’s free water harmonizer app:
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(Scottsdale AZ) CloudNine Marketing, Inc. is about to launch their latest online venture This newly created website is the collaboration of an Arizona State University’s (ASU) Computer Science team. This is known as their Capstone project.

The site is slated to be completed by early December 2105. According to Trina Becksted, Publisher of this new site and President of CloudNine Marketing. Inc. “we have positioned ourselves as a premier Holistic Marketing and PR firm for holistic and green clients since 1997, when we first launched. We created Holistic Healing News and it sister Directory 7 years ago as guaranteed points of media presence for clients in this natural medical industry AND as a way for visitors to our sites to gain valuable information on natural, integrative healing. This information includes modalities to heal the emotional and energetic/spiritual body as well.

Visitors to the current sites find articles, recipes, free downloads on the latest in cancer prevention and treatments, yoga, films and entertainment along with men and women’s natural healing. Their newest site will have a directory of practitioners, spas, resorts, yoga studios, wellness centers and other energy medical healers who can register for free when the site is complete. Visitors will be able to gain valuable self care information and purchase products and events at a discount.

The site will be complete with a state of the art CRM, SEO and E Commerce platforms for a robust online health offering.


NutreaLife offers the future of health benefits now with the debut of its new

tele-health, wellness and discount benefits plans with an “app” for easy access.


ROCKVILLE, MD…  NutreaLife, a health products and services company, announced the debut of its new tele-health benefit and discount plans designed to empower patients with unprecedented access, affordability and control over their own healthcare choices. Integrating MDLive medical service portals powered by “Healthiest You,” a Web-based host of tele-health services, NutreaLife now offers some of the most comprehensive discounts and benefits available, at the lowest prices in the market today.

“Our goal is to streamline the way patients receive and manage their healthcare and, at the same time, make high-quality care affordable,” said NutreaLife CEO, Edward Joseph Eyring, M.D. “We took care to examine the big picture of healthcare from a holistic point of view. We vetted a number of tele-health providers to ensure our members would receive the best services available. We are thrilled about working with Healthiest You.”

With a number of tele-health providers entering the market, Healthiest You is unique in that it provides one of the least expensive monthly tele-health plans to allow unlimited online or phone consultations with a Board-certified US physician, any time, day or night, at no extra charge.

It is also one of the only tele-health services to allow members to select a local physician of their choice. Members can search for, review and select physicians in their states with free online access to the Healthiest You database, which is updated in real-time daily. Insured members can also filter searches to include only authorized providers so they can remain “in-network.” These features are especially advantageous when an in-person follow-up with a tele-health doctor is necessary.

The database also enables members to search pharmacies in their area to find the lowest prices on their prescriptions. Additionally, searches for the best prices on laboratory tests, radiology exams and medical procedures produce results relevant to both insured and uninsured members.

Secure online medical record storage is another unique benefit. NutreaLife members can upload medical records into their own confidential accounts and access their own information on demand as long as they are members.  With extra security measures built into the system, members can control who has permission to access these records.

“Our benefits place the power into the patient’s control, explained Dr. Eyring. “We believe high-quality, personalized care and preventive support should be affordable and accessible to everyone, whether they are currently insured or not.”

If “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure,” NutreaLife benefits hold a lot of weight. NutreaLife members are entitled to free preventive care and wellness options including health assessments, wellness coaching and steep discounts on NutreaLife’s nutritional supplements and homeopathic remedies.

NutreaLife membership is among the most affordable with monthly plans starting at $11. Members that don’t already have an insurance-issued prescription plan can receive discounts from 10% to 80% on prescriptions at most major pharmacies. All members get exclusive discounts on NutreaLife’s health supplements and other services. In addition to saving money, members save time. All services are accessible by telephone, computer or any digital device with access to the internet, which cuts out travel time.

“We are especially excited about Healthiest You’s new mobile app that will further simplify health management for our members,” said Dr. Eyring. Designed to enhance the user’s experience, the free “app” makes the online benefits accessible “on-the-go” from internet-ready mobile smart devices. App features include a pharmacy locater, prescription price comparisons, mobile access to search tools and automatic “push” alerts that inform members detected waiting in an emergency room that they have an option to speak with a tele-health physician.

“We envision NutreaLife as an equal-opportunity advocate for healthy lifestyle choices. With easy access to affordable, quality health benefits from the privacy and convenience of your own home,” Dr. Eyring concluded.

For more information, visit


(Cave Creek, AZ) CloudNine Marketing, Inc. is bringing a number of health and wellness experts for a daylong learning and experiential healing retreat at Rancho Manana Resort in Cave Creek, Arizona. The retreat will include resident and out-of-state experts discussing integrative and alternative health. Topics will address chronic ailments and include guided meditations, yoga and emotional, spiritual health.

At 9 AM Harumi Maejima of HarumiYoga+ will open with a crystal bowl sound healing, followed by a brief meditation and gentle Hatha yoga. Harumi has spent a decade engaged in daily practice and many hours in intense, silent meditation in temples and monasteries. She has completed 500 Elite hours of teacher’s trainings in Hatha yoga and Kripalu Yoga. Her instruction reflects the synthesis of all she has learned from these practices of inner awareness and conscious physical alignment.

At 10 AM Rudy Dragone, R.PH. of Clark’s Compounding Pharmacy will next to talk about Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy (BHRT) and how it helps rejuvenate aging. The key to a robust glow is in healthy thyroids and correct hormonal flow. Rudy has worked years as a pharmacist in New York and in Phoenix. He is an internationally acknowledged pioneer in the study and use of hormone replacement therapy for women.

At 11 AM Dr Patricia Henthorn of Balance and Motion Chiropractic
will speak on how to keep the spine healthy and aligned while helping to prevent disease. She graduated from Palmer College of Chiropractic West in 1996. Henthorn is the chiropractic coordinator for the Phoenix chapter of Flying Samaritans, a member of the Arizona Chiropractic Society, and the ICA’s Council on Wellness Science. A Q&A will be held after her talk.

At 12 Noon Lunch there will be a break to experience various healing modalities by exhibitors with lunch and live music on site. A silent auction will be held to benefit Justa Center, a day resource center for homeless elders in downtown Phoenix.

At 1 PM Dr. Jake Psenka NMD of Longevity Medical Center will then speak of his holistic approach to alleviate those with severe allergies and their symptoms. Dr. Psenka is a frequent lecturer and member of the American Association of Naturopathic Physicians. He has held numerous conferences on topics including integrative cancer therapy and allergy immunotherapy. Psenka’s integrative approach to allergies has made him one of the top naturopathic physicians in the country.

At 2 PM Dr. Thomas Lodi, founder of An Oasis of Healing will speak of the homeopathic methods he helped pioneer to cure patients with cancer. With a mix of raw vegetable dieting, therapy, and spiritual healing, Dr. Thomas Lodi pioneered what has now become the definitive route for those unsatisfied with the traditional cancer treatment system. He now takes his teachings and practices overseas to spread his homeopathic oncology internationally.

At 3 pm the final presenter Eugene Alliende LMFT, transpersonal psychologist, will be the final presenter. Alliende is an author and therapist who infuses quantum science, shamanic practices self-exploratory tools and with traditional counseling. He guides people as they delve into the deepest and darkest parts of their psyches to uncover their greatness and realize their own healing powers. Following his discussion will be a book signing for his latest publication, Dimensions of Being: An Explorer’s Guide to Consciousness.

Ticket are $35 for the full day and $20 for a half day. Rancho Manana Spa and Resort is located at 5720 E Rancho Manana Blvd, Cave Creek, AZ 85331. Seating is limited at this intimate gathering. Call 480/419.1799 or visit to reserve a space.


Trina Becksted



(Scottsdale, AZ) Ade’ McCray joins Bodywork for Life to begin teaching new Pilates sessions. Having over a decade’s worth of experience, Ade’ will bring his unique form to this classic exercise.

Ade’ has been involved in health, fitness and dance since childhood in Africa. He earned a Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree in Dance from the University of the Arts in Philadelphia and received his postgraduate degree from The Dance Theatre of Harlem in New York. Ade’ was contracted for six years with The Bavarian State Opera in Munich as a guest performer and choreographer.

His love for dance and the desire to prevent injuries led him to discover the benefits and beauty of Pilates. In 2001 he began teaching Pilates in Germany, working primarily with dancers and athletes. In 2006 Ade’ moved to Arizona where he obtained his Stott Pilates education and Polestar Pilates Certification. Since then he has been working in a physical therapy environment inspiring clients to meet their goals, whether rehabilitative or fitness related. He is very proficient in identifying anatomical imbalances and providing the proper exercises to correct and improve them.

Bodywork for Life, run by owner Cindy Bates, uses a multidisciplinary approach to successfully treat musculoskeletal pain and injuries and promote healthy living. Many individuals follow a plan of care integrating Massage Therapy, Frequency Specific Microcurrent, Pilates and Movement Therapy. Singularly, these are highly effective treatment modalities, and together they complement one another.
Bodywork for Life offers the most innovative and extensive therapeutic treatments proven to be successful in relieving pain, restoring mobility and balance, increasing strength and flexibility, enhancing athletic performance, accelerating healing time for injuries and surgeries, and providing optimum health and wellness.

Cindy Bates is the owner of Bodywork for Life and has been a Certified Neuromuscular and Structural Integration Therapist since 1995. Using her extensive training in treating sports injuries and chronic pain, Cindy combines advanced techniques along with Frequency Specific Microcurrent to successfully treat many conditions.

Bodywork for Life is located at 7629 E Pinnacle Peak Rd #118, Scottsdale, AZ 85255. For more information about private and duet sessions for individual needs see or call 480/595.0246.




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Trina C9 Head shot 2013

(Scottsdale, AZ) CloudNine Marketing, Inc. expended its offerings to include agent representation.  Trina Becksted, President and Founder entered the ranks of successful literary agents with her new agented title,  Total Health Turnaround, authored by Tricia Pingel NMD.  She has another allergy title due to publish in March 2015, both by Rodale Inc.     Rodale is the world’s leading healthy lifestyle company.  They publish some of the best-known health and wellness lifestyle magazines, including Prevention, Men’s Health, Women’s Health, Runner’s World,


Beginning in 1997 CloudNine Marketing has been the premier holistic health and integrative medical public relations firm.   They represent MD’s, NMD’s, chiropractors and other health practitioners, authors and film makers.  Their focus is on innovative event marketing, open houses and launches for medical practices, books and films.  They promote new products and services that offer mind, body, emotional and spiritual wellness with cost effective, ROI, performance based representation.


CloudNine Marketing is headquartered in Scottsdale Arizona, they use the latest in SEO techniques, cutting edge social and digital media marketing, event planning, public relations and marketing consulting.  “My expertise as a publicist and marketing consultant has opened doors for me and has been a natural foray for me to represent my clients as their literary agents.  I am blessed that this evolution from publicist to agent is such a natural one for me” says Trina. She has more than 20 years of experience as a marketing and public relations consultant.


As president of CloudNine Marketing, Inc., Trina takes projects from concept to creation. Some of her biggest projects include co- founding charitable events for the March of Dimes and producing five major events for internationally acclaimed author Deepak Chopra, M.D   She attracts powerful co-sponsors like Jaguar, Canyon Ranch, Ritz Carlton, BMW, Mercedes Benz, Nordstrom’s, and The Cleveland Clinic Health System for her events too.  For more information please visit



CloudNine Marketing successful PR media hit for Dr. John Demartini on Phoenix, ABC 15 TV show.


Trina Becksted’s agent success story!  CloudNine Marketing now acting as literary agents. Her successful engagement with Rodale Publishing resulted in new title now available by Dr. Tricia Pingel, Total Health Turnaround.

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                   Media Contact: Trina Becksted




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(Scottsdale, AZ) Dean R. Silver, M.D. a leading cardiologist for 30+ years is developing a new state of the art age rejuvenation and chronic disease wellness center called, The Silver Institute for Life Extension.

The Institute will provide a blend of traditional and alternative modalities using the latest in international technologies with proven track records. The emphasis is based on patient centered, personalized genomic and toxic evaluation to optimize each person’s biochemical individuality.

Most of the diseases facing the U.S. are chronic, based on our aging population. Unfortunately there are no systems in place to meet this demand. Alzheimer’s, cancer, diabetes, heart disease and obesity are all chronic diseases of aging.

These diseases are present for years before they become clinically evident.

The Silver Institute for Life Extension Medicine will optimize each patient’s genetic expression to help them live a long, disease free life. More information can be seen here:  “The aim is to remain mentally and physically vibrant through our entire life” says Dr. Silver who cured himself of lymphoma cancer and heart disease using many of the treatments he uses in his practice.

The Institute is dedicated to disease prevention, early detection and reversal of age related diseases. It will become the new model for healthcare in this century.  Baby boomers have looked at the traditional medical paradigm and are not happy, it is costly and ineffective.  Silver Institute will focus on peer reviewed worldwide modalities to slow the aging process.  Each patient will receive a detailed written “plan for life”.  All testing with interpretations, dietary, exercise, nutritional and medication needs will be presented in a patient friendly format.

A sampling of chronic complex diseases Dr Silver treats include:

cancer, autoimmune, heart disease, neurological disease, chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia, Lyme, HIV, fungus, pain, gastrointestinal, liver, pulmonary, hormonal imbalance, chemical sensitivities and detoxification.

Dr. Silver is a staff physician at the Scottsdale Healthcare Hospital System.  For more information and educational videos visit or call 480/860.2030 to schedule an appointment.   Their new location after June 16, is at 7420 East Pinnacle Peak Rd. Suite 126 Scottsdale, AZ 85255.







Media Contact:

Chelsa Thomas 623/215-5727

Find Fountain of Youth at Age Less: An Anti AgingWellness Symposium February 15, 2014 at DC Ranch in Scottsdale


(Scottsdale, AZ) Age Less: An Anti Aging Wellness Symposium is all about age rejuvenation and age reversal practices. It’s February 15, 2014 at the DC Ranch Homestead Community Center in North Scottsdale.


This anti-aging event features expert physicians and presenters, local vendors, yoga and meditation for a full day of education and entertainment. Food, music, samples, raffle prizes worth over $500 and fun are in store for attendees, too.


The Age Less event is focused exclusively on teaching attendees how to “hold back” the hands of time and even reverse the aging process. They will learn a series of health and wellness routines, practices and products. Key professionals include:


  • Dr. Tricia Pingel, NMD of Pingel Progressive Medicine will speak about overcoming adrenal fatigue and the latest in bio identical hormone replacement therapy. Dr. Pingel specializes in endocrinology and gastroenterology. Her new book on the subject will be available in spring 2014 through Rodale Publishing.
  • Dr. Phranq (Frank) Tamburri, NMD will speak on Men’s Health Practices, Prostate cures and prevention. He is one of Phoenix’s Top Doctors and receives numerous physician referrals for integrative prostate treatments.
  • Dr. Patricia Henthorn, D.C., of Balance & Motion Chiropractic will share the importance of aligning the spine to eliminate many ailments that take years off your life. The Spinal column houses the nervous system. “By proper alignment we create optimal regulation for every system of the body” says Henthorn.
  • Dr Bryan Glick will speak on “Cardio Health and Inflammation, the Silent Killer. By eliminating it we can overcome and prevent premature aging. Dr. Bryan Glick is the owner and the practicing physician of N1Health of Scottsdale. As a doctor of osteopathic medicine (DO), he is trained as a primary care physician to treat the whole person instead of merely symptoms or illnesses.

Mind/Body/Beauty Speakers Include:

  • Author and Life Coach Howard Falco will speak on the topic of his book I am: the Power of Discovering Who You Really Are. He’ll teach attendees how to improve self-awareness and realize their greater potentials.
  • Lisa Williams-ANP-C, Beauty Expert/ Nurse Practitioner will share the latest news in non-surgical skin enhancementsto regain youthful looks. She will showcase the pros and cons of the latest in laser and dermal fillers.
  • Harumi Maejima is a Yoga therapist and a highly skilled instructor with more than 500 Elite hours of training. She will teach attendees how integrating deep stretch and breathing can take years off the body.
  • Anne Vetter will provide a meditation session. Meditation is one of the Ultimate Age Rejuvenation Practices to look and feel young. As a certified instructor for the Chopra Center, Vetter shares the timeless teachings to maintain balance, heal the body and mind and aid people in personal transformation. She instructs in the USA and Europe.

Supporting sponsors for Age Less include Jaguar North Scottsdale, Ultra Smooth Skin and the DC Ranch Community Council. The event is a production of CloudNine Marketing, Inc. According to CloudNine’s president Trina Becksted, “there is so much information out there on age rejuvenation and reversal, and it can be confusing. This event brings the most relevant experts together to address the latest information from physicians’ medical case studies to share with our attendees. Attendees will be empowered, well informed AND entertained at our event.”

A percentage of proceeds will benefit, an elder homeless day resource center in Phoenix. Advance Purchase Admission before February 1, 2014 is $79 for the full day, half days are $49. After February 1 the admission is $97. There’s discounted pricing for DC Ranch residents at Seating is limited. Call 480/419.1799 to reserve your space or purchase tickets online at



 My dear friends
Hello!  I am asking a personal favor and this is to support my Mother by either buying the download of her book or passing this on to someone who will find it of interest,  especially those of us raised Catholic
 It was years in the making and is a miraculous story of forgiveness and family bonds.
The book “Celibacy’s Child”  has been published to the Kindle Store and is already available* for readers to purchase HERE

She will be on TV tomorrow Tuesday in the 8 AM hour PST on the Morning Scramble TV show. See in Phoenix or online to learn more about my Mother’s personal journey and her way to forgiveness. Please share this with your Facebook /Twitter followings by clicking HERE

Celibacy’s Child Book Synopsis  Celibacy’s Child by Lisa B. Overton is an emotionally rigged, true story of a women’s life starting from the first day she was brought into this world up to the present.  This moving story details her experience growing up as the child of a Roman Catholic priest and an ex-nun who entered into a 30+ year clandestine love affair.   The author, Lisa B. Overton tells the poignant story of her childhood and how she survived loneliness, shame and hypocrisy in her parents’ painful and secretive shadow and how she eventually forgave them both.  It was on her mother’s death bed that Lisa asked, “was Uncle my father?”  Uncle was how she addressed the priest who came to visit on Sundays.  She didn’t know Uncle was her father.   Celibacy’s Child tells the tale of a forbidden love and the child who was. According to the author Lisa B Overton, “I wrote this book, not with malice towards the Catholic church, but with the hope that one day Rome will remove celibacy from its doctrine. The stigma of shame that infected my mother’s life as well as my own came at a horrific price for both of us. I grew up loathing myself, as well as her for the false lives we both had to live. I felt no self-worth, had no friends. No schoolmates were allowed into our home.  We were always fearful that people would find out our secret.  The life I was forced to live drove me away from my mother, I grew to hate her. This made me a demon to live with. My teen years were rebellious, driving me further and further away from her. It has taken me years to heal and writing this book has helped me to love and understand her. I miss her so.”
Many Thanks for your help in getting this out and sincere blessings!

Trina Becksted

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