A Very Happy Birthday to Trina!

Check out this cute picture of CloudNine Marketing’s very own Trina Becksted celebrating her birthday with some girlfriends! On Saturday, Trina & her friends enjoyed an ice skating party and then had a yummy dinner at the Princess Resort restaurant!!  Happy belated birthday, Trina!!




Omnium Universe Event

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Holistic PR Firm Expands its Staff and Footprint to South America and Spanish Speaking Nations



CloudNine is expanding its staff to meet the growing needs of holistic medical companies seeking services here in the United States, Canada and in many Spanish speaking nations.


By hiring two new digital media interns and an Account Manager, CloudNine is ready to increase its public relations, advertising and marketing efforts.  It primarily promotes the holistic genres of integrative and alternative medicine, spirituality and entertainment industries within these green centric offerings.


CloudNine Marketing Inc. is a premier holistic marketing company and holistic public relations firm. The CloudNine team has promoted spiritual authors such as Deepak Chopra, integrative MDs, speakers, practitioners and products. Being a pioneer in media exposure for such industries has kept CloudNine as a reliable and effective holistic PR firm since 1997. With the addition of new staff, CloudNine is expanding its creative and innovative holistic marketing solutions for continued growth and success to meet the growing demands of clients seeking its support.


According to President Trina Becksted, “Our phones are ringing more, this is indicative of the economy improving and more people being receptive to integrative and alternative healing modalities.  People really want to be more empowered and informed about their own healing process and know how to prevent ailments, so they are seeking out holistic practitioners who are willing to educate and inform them of their healing options.”


Crystal Anne Ebert and Alexis Acedo are worldly interns at the top of their games.  They are studying in South Africa and Costa Rica.  Both are global, well educated and eager to explore and implement the latest in digital media, social media, PR and online marketing solutions.


Crystal is currently a senior at Washington State University and will be graduating this December. Alexis is an incoming senior at Arizona State University working on a degree in business communication with a minor in public relations.  Working for CloudNine will allow her to gain greater knowledge of designing marketing, advertising, SEO (search engine optimization) campaigns and explore social media outlets.


Moving her way up from intern to full time publicist and account manager is Amanda Davis.  She will be managing the interns, coordinating client account activity and producing digital media content successfully for the holistic healing industry. She will be managing day to day operations and will be sharing a large portion of the responsibility with the new interns.


With this new staff, CloudNine is revving up to meet the needs of new health care clients as the premier holistic marketing and public relations firm.


For more information please visit www.cloudninemarketing.com.





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You think you’ve got something to sell? with Trina Becksted

So You Think you got something to sell How to Create a Brand and Launch Your Product / Service Trina Becksted is the founder of CloudNine Marketing Inc.

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Trina Becksted in Love Your Life with Michelle

You think you’ve got something to sell? with Trina Becksted

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What is Naturopathic Medicine?

A common problem with conventional medicine is doctors continue to write prescriptions for chemically based medicines that only treat the side effects of disease. In many cases these medicines compound underlying diseases; creating more serious issues for patients. A study suggests that, each year approximately 2.2 million US hospital patients experience adverse drug reactions to prescribed medications.

Another problem with conventional medicine is that it only treats the symptoms and not the root cause. Most diseases today are brought on by a combination of environmental and dietary issues like pollution, vitamin deficiency, hormones, and antibiotics in nearly everything we consume.

For example, the National Center for Health Statistics reports that as many as 36% of Americans are vitamin D deficient. Vitamin D may also play a role in preventing diabetes and hypertension. Naturopathic doctors use natural vitamins, among other methods, to prevent, treat and cure the base cause of diseases – not just treat the effects and symptoms of diseases the way many allopathic (traditional) medical practitioners do.

Treating symptoms of disease rather than the root cause of a disease is not always the best approach in caring for patients. Naturopathic clinics approach medicine in a different way by utilizing various modalities and naturopathic medicine. Naturopathic doctors craft comprehensive treatment plans that blend the best of modern medicine. Holistic and traditional approaches are balanced in order to treat disease and restore health.

At naturopathic clinics, physicians test their pathology diagnostic skills in order to identify the underlying cause of diseases. Then, they use natural therapies to promote the body’s innate natural healing process. NMD’s (Naturopathic medical doctors) utilize a variety of modalities including homeopathy, IV therapy, hydrotherapy, acupuncture, botanical medicine, nutrition counseling, integrative care, and more. These approaches have proven successful in safely treating a wide range of acute and chronic conditions.

Dr. Tricia Pingel, NMD provides comprehensive medical care based on the foundation of naturopathic principles. She believes in a multi-dimensional and integrative approach to healthcare and will work closely with other healthcare professionals to assure that her patient’s needs are met.

Dr. Pingel offers a variety of services using naturopathic medicine and treats a wide range of medical conditions. As high levels of vitamin deficiency increase to epidemic levels in the US, it is important to raise awareness and knowledge and treat the problem. Dr. Pingel offers IV therapy at her naturopathic clinic because she believes it is crucial to care for the human body as a whole when healing disease. She also provides counseling and presents clients with better solutions to heal the human body as a whole. To learn more visit http://www.drpingel.com/health.aspx.



Holistic Healers Directory

April 7, 2011


Holistic Healers Directory (HHD) www.hhdirectory.com, is one of the fastest growing holistic resource sites for alternative and integrative medicine. It is a place for ethical healers, practitioners, products and resources to gain exposure and grow their business for total wellness of mind, body and spirit at no cost for a regular listing.

HHD together with Holistic Healing News, www.holsitichealingnews.com, is offering a unique opportunity to those in the field of integrative and alternative medicine.  Joining the directory not only gives a free listing on a progressive site, it also offers the opportunity to publish articles pertaining to holistic health, wellness and anti-aging medicine on Holistic Healing News. These two sites coupled together help gain exposure to businesses, practices, products or resources.

The HHD and Holistic Healing News audience is gaining momentum: The average viewer is a thoughtful, progressive, affluent, and well-educated visitor ages 35 to 60 plus year’s young. This baby boomer generation now comprises more than 50 percent of the US population. They are more active, educated, curious and empowered to take charge of their health than previous generations.

This directory is positioned to be the number one online resource of its kind for Google and other search engines for consumers seeking practitioners, providers and resources in the areas of natural, integrative, spiritual and green-centric products.

Holistic health and wellness experts are now able to reach a fast growing audience with this unique opportunity to gain a free listing, publish their events and their articles for free.

About HHdirectory.com: Holistic Healers Directory was created by CloudNine Marketing, Inc. Since 1997, “we have helped pioneer the marketing of holistic health, self awareness and human potential by bringing it mainstream”,  says found Trina Becksted.  Her work with Deepak Chopra and the Whole Life Expos gained her recognition as one of the premier promoters of this genre.  She and her staff intend to grow this directory into a world-class resource that includes only the best healers, products and green/organic entities and sponsors when she founded www.cloudninemarketing.com.


Contact:  Andrea Ervin