By: Trina Becksted

The hauntingly beautiful piano tune Autumn Leaves brought tears to my eyes. You can’t hear it and not be moved, especially when it’s performed live by piano legend Roger Williams.

Roger has been giving the gift of song since he first sat down on a piano bench at age 3. He has recorded 21 Gold and Platinum albums and has been awing crowds for generations. He has played every major venue from Carnegie Hall to the White House and is affectionately known as the “Pianist of the Presidents,” after playing for nine different chief executives.

My mother and I had the pleasure of attending Mr.Williams’ 86th birthday celebration last Friday, October 1 at the Musical Instrument Museum in Phoenix. For many years, Roger has performed a piano marathon on his birthday and this year was no exception. He gifted us with a 12 hour marathon, pausing only for small breaks and to greet his adoring fans.

The concert was held in the hall of the museum, with his custom gold Steinway piano set up in front of throngs of fans totaling over 2,000 that day. We went backstage as his birthday cake was presented, in hopes of getting to meet him. To my delight, he invited me out in front of the audience where I had the honor to interview him and ask a few questions on what has kept him so young and vivacious all of these years.

Roger Williams

His base player told me that “food doesn’t matter much to him”. That’s interesting-he eats to live rather than lives to eat. He also told me each day Roger downs a drink blended with around 20 different vegetables. This ‘power drink’ gives him the energy and sustenance he needs to do what he loves: play and play and play (piano) all day long. He goes from room to room of his home where there are several pianos, playing them all.

Despite the hours he spends expertly running his hands over the keyboard, Roger has no arthritis. In fact he still hits a punching bag (boxing has been a hobby since an early age). His mind is sharp, harvesting a library of 10,000 songs, all of which he can play, without hesitation, on key.

When I asked him ” how do you do keep your mind so sharp and your health so vital, what is your regime”? He told me “If I don’t feel like doing something, I force myself.” This is a testimony of his tremendous self-discipline, from eating to exercising to playing. His self-discipline has kept him so youthful and full of life- a life that shines through with his music as well as with his witty sense of humor.

The audience sat with rapt attention when I asked him ” how can you keep a repertoire of 10,000 plus songs in your head?” Again he resounded “I force myself, if I don’t want to do something, I do it anyway…I force myself” meaning he does what he knows he has to do to take care of himself.

He went on to encourage and inspire the audience (which comprised mainly fans age 70 plus) who have faithfully followed his music and career for decades.

At 86-years young, Roger is as spry and as sharp minded as ever. Attending his amazing concert and meeting him was an inspiration and I will treasure it forever!

To hear a tribute to Roger Williams visit http://video.yahoo.com/watch/2557750/7670975 and hear his rendition of Autumn Leaves recorded in 1954. There are numerous others on YouTube that will enchant you and take you down memory lane. Others include Born Free and The Impossible Dream.

86 years young has never sounded so good!!


Holistic Healer’s Directory is Proud to announce their Newest Member: YTL’s Spa Village

(Scottsdale, AZ) – Holistic Healer’s directory is proud to announce their newest member, Spa Village and three of its exclusive resorts.  Spa Village is a series of spas by famous spa designer Sylvia Sepielli of Sylvia Planning and Design.  These three spa properties are located in Malaysia, Indonesia, and Bali and known as Pangkor Laut, Tanjong Jara and Spa Village Resort Tembok Bali.  Together with CloudNine Productions, they will begin filming for the first in a series of “Sylvia’s Spas” this spring.

Syliva’s Spas is a documentary showcasing some of the signature spas called Sylvia’s Spas, Spa Village will serve as the basis for the films. The film will be air initially on www.holistichealingnews.com in 2010 and various other online TV Sites, garnering millions of impressions.  It will be the inspiration for additional documentaries for Travel Channel, Discovery Channel and other suitable television Networks.

Spa Village is the newest member of the Holistic Healers Directory, www.holistichealersdirectory.com, affiliated with Holistic Healing News, www.holistichealingnews.com — websites for individuals seeking wellness of mind, body and spirit.

For more information on Spa Village please visit http://www.spavillage.com/.  For interview and sponsorship opportunities contact Trina Becksted at the contact information below.

Contact:  Trina Becksted



Newest Member- Here II Here


Here II Here is a part of a new genre emerging in the music industry- “conscious pop.” Influenced by all types of music, their songs inspire audiences nationwide with moving rhythms, lyrics, and voices.

Over the last four years, this American-Latino band has been perfecting their compositions as both a circle of talented musicians and a vocal harmony group, singing their inspired songs in both English and Spanish.

Here II Here has been moving crowds to a frenzy with its rhythmic blend of tribal pop, illuminated rock, and soul-inspired R&B harmonies resonating with innovatively inspirational lyrics of peace, awareness, connection, laughter, and of course – love. Their talent and message has caught the attention of local press who have called the Here II Here sound “meaningful mainstream Pop / R&B”. Industry veterans catching the buzz throughout and beyond Miami have been clamoring to be a part of the story emerging with Here II Here.

Please visit www.hereiihere.com for more information and a full biography of the band.




Hollywood NOTE Foundation- Great Success!

Trina and Selena’s Hollywood Adventure for the Hollywood NOTE Foundation.We were honored to be a part of Change the World Humanitarian Awards.

For over one hundred years, Hollywood as used its power to promote philanthropy around the world. Today, HNF aspires to maximize and and recognize that power, and to change the world as it exists now. Through its premier fundraising effort, the Change the World Humanitarian Awards Gala, HNF will bestow honors upon those Hollywood entities that do the most to improve the world.



The Four abbreviated letters that comprise one third the title of the foundation, NOTE, also comprise the duty that Hollywood has accepted on its behalf:

Not On This Earth.

Not On This Earth: should people go hungry

Not On This Earth: should disease kill

Not On This Earth: should a child be without a parent

Not On This Earth: should a person be without a home

Not On This Earth: should our environment be exploited


We landed at 1pm jumped in the rental car and made a beeline to Malibu beach. We lay by the ocean being calmed by the waves and sunshine and saw some porpoises jumping in and out of the waves. We wanted to relax in some California weather before the busy day at the Beverly Hilton Hotel the next day. We drove through Topanga Canyon heading out of Malibu and spotted the most enchanting in venue in Southern California. It was a Shakespearean summer camp village that looked like it was right out of Midsummer Night’s Dream.  We went to a little nail salon as part of our coiffing. We had some Thai food at a little restaurant before heading back to the hotel for the night for our beauty sleep.

The next morning it was off to the Beverly Hilton Hotel to check in with Hollywood NOTE Foundation President Shelly Preston. The hotel was like a grandamme on Wilshire Boulevard. We don’t know how old it was but you could tell it had enchanting presence with celebrity pictures adorning the walls from Frank Sinatra to Audrey Hepburn to Marilyn Monroe that had stayed at the hotel in the past.


Trina was checking in celebrities for the red carpet photo opportunities with the paparazzi that were there and got to greet Ed Begley Jr., Scott Baio, Corey Feldman, and many other celebrities. Trina had met Ed Begley Jr. while at the Sun Festival, an ecology event in Scottsdale a few years ago and was delighted that he was able to participate as an honoree in this noteworthy and honored event.

Selena was responsible for taking the celebrities off the red carpet to the silent auction happening outside the ballroom, working with other volunteers from the Hollywood NOTE Foundation. It was such an opportunity to meet Bai Ling, an Oscar winning actress, and Oscar Nunez, a comedian from The Office.

Our swan song for the evening was that we got to walk the red carpet where other legends, along with these generous celebrities have been.

Thank You to CloudNine Marketing


Hollywood Note Foundation Gala Honors Leonordo Dicaprio’s Documentary and Other Celebrity Humanitarians

(North Hollywood, CA) The Hollywood NOTE Foundation (HNF) will be honoring twelve of Hollywood’s most powerful, effective and committed humanitarians at the “Change the World” Humanitarian Awards Gala on May 31st, 2009.  Here is the partial list of stars receiving awards:


Excellence in Media for Humanity Award: Film: Leonardo DiCaprio presents “The 11th Hour”

Visionary Spotlight Award: Michael Bernard Beckwith, “The Secret”, Recurring guest on “Oprah”

Humanitarian Award of Inspiration /Male: Kevin Sorbo, “Hercules”, “Tales of an Ancient Empire”

Humanitarian Award of Inspiration /Group: Band from TV, members include actors from “Desperate Housewives”, “House”

Youth for Humanity Award Female/ Male: Aimee Teegarden & Jeremy Sumpter of “Friday Night Lights”



Change the World Public Service Award: Nancy Cartwright, Voice of Bart Simpson of “The Simpsons”

Humanitarian Lifetime Achievement Award: Ed Begley, Jr., “Gary Unmarried”

The Gift of Perfect Health


The Perfect Health program at the Chopra Center turned out to be “The Perfect Christmas Gift” for myself this past Christmas week Dec. 26-30th 2008. I was



reluctant to leave my family and fly out on Christmas day but I had committed to checking in at The Chopra Center on December 26th   at 7:30 AM. 


Perfect Health is a 5 day panchakarma program. My lovely consultant, Lisa Rodrigues instilled faith in my decision to invest in myself with this Christmas gift to me. It was a lifetime experience that I will never forget.


The Chopra Center is nestled away on the, gorgeous grounds of the La Costa Resort and Spa in Carlsbad, California.  It is a tranquil and quaint setting to get away from it all and experience the nourishing transformations that one encounters while at The Center.

Read more

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”Buon Natale Greccio” – St. Francis and the Nativity

A festive event for you and your family to enjoy this holiday season! Read on…

Through story and song, Buon Natale Greccio tells the story of St. Francis of Assisi and his portrayal of the humility, poverty and simplicity of Jesus’ birth. It tells of how it touched the lives of the villagers of Greccio, Italy, and established a worldwide tradition of displaying nativity scenes at Christmastime.

“Buon Natale Greccio” is the second show in a series created by Norbert Zwickl, Director of Music and Liturgy at the Casa.

2 Performances–2008: December 5 and December 6

Make this event an anual family tradition! Reserve your tickets now online, or call 480-948-7460!

Weather permitting, this performance will occur indoors and will involve some walking outdoors to the desert area which will be lighted with approximately 30,000 little lights. Please dress warmly and in layers and wear comfortable foot wear.

Event held by The Franciscan Renewal Center located in Scottsdale, Arizona–A spiritual oasis which encompasses counseling, various support groups, workshops, retreats for spiritual growth and personal development and Franciscan Way programs. Browse all the different programs offered at The Franciscan Renewal Center. See the calendar for the schedule of events- seminars, classes, programs, workshops, retreats,support groups, Mass, meetings and more. The Franciscan Renewal Center is a community of worshipers with daily Masses and a pastoral ministry.


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Scottsdale, Arizona — Creative Women of Pinnacle Peak will host “Dancing under the Stars,” its glittering annual ball at the beautiful Troon Country Club, on Friday, December 5th, 2008 at 6:30 P.M..


This promises to be an elegant evening enhanced by two gifted dancers who, for two years in a row were Latin International Champions. There will also be a fabulous live and silent auction.  Among the auction items are a five star Mediterranean cruise for two valued at $19,000.00, an oriental rug valued at $6000, an exquisite pair of diamond earrings and a Southern Hospitality getaway for two. Additionally, $1000 of gasoline will be offered as a raffle prize.


Creative Women of Pinnacle Peak is a unique nonprofit, 501(C)(3) organization that has been helping women and children in the Valley for eighteen years.  Every dollar raised goes directly to chosen charities.  All members are volunteers, with operating expenses provided by member dues. Examples of charities, which have reaped the benefits of over $2.3 million, are Homeward Bound, Sojourner Center, Foundation for Blind Children and Hope Kids.


Troon Country Club is located at 25000 Windy Walk Drive Scottsdale Az 85255


Tickets are $175 per person. To purchase tickets or for more information, please contact Creative Women of Pinnacle Peak at 480 502 1773 or at www.cwpp.org