Holistic Healers Directory, www.hhdirectory.com  is pleased to announce that their newest member, Mimi Solaire, accomplished yoga professional, has released her latest DVD, Deep Stretch, Yin Yoga with Mimi Solaire.

Solaire is best known for her highly acclaimed Five Star (Amazon) rated Back in Shape DVD’s and Prenatal Yoga with Mimi Solaire, and calls this,  “a gentle and effective stretching practice that will leave you feeling relaxed, balanced and rejuvenated.”

This 70 minute DVD offers three (3) sessions:

#1 Back Stretches- 20 mins.

#2 Legs and Hips- 20 mins.

#3 Neck and Shoulders- 20 mins.

There is also a bonus session of ten minutes of challenging poses.  It’s a complete workout to release tension and stress and maintain vitality at any age.

View a video clip of Deep Stretch Yin Yoga with Mimi Solaire @ www.mimisolaire.com  The DVD may be purchased on her website or at www.amazon.com for $19.95.  Great for beginners and all levels of ability,

Mimi Solaire has been teaching yoga since 1999. Mimi is certified by Yoga Alliance at the 500 hour level. From insight gained through practicing and teaching Deep Stretch, she has created this DVD to help others release tension and stress, move freely and become “flexible forever.”

Also, see Mimi’s most recent article and video, at www.holistichealingnews.com

For more information visit www.mimisolaire.com


The Hollywood NOTE Foundation Honors 12 Humanitarians!

The Hollywood NOTE Foundation will be honoring twelve of Hollywood’s most powerful, effective and committed humanitarians at the Change the World Humanitarian Awards Gala on May 31st, 2009. The chosen humanitarians will receive exclusive awards that will be presented each year to a select group of individuals who are effortlessly compassionate with deep respect to all humankind. Seven of the twelve honorees have been confirmed and are as follows:

Youth for Humanity Award: Lily Collins


Change the World Public Service Award: Nancy Cartwright AKA Bart Simpson of The Simpsons

Humanitarian Lifetime Achievement Award: Ed Begley, Jr.

Excellence in Media for Humanity Award:

Film: Leonardo DiCaprio presents “The 11th Hour”

Excellence in Media for Humanity Award: Television: Stand Up 2 Cancer Broadcast




Save the Ta-Tas Brand

Corporation for Evolution Award:

Foundation Award of Giving: CASA (Court Appointed Special Advocate for Children)


The Hollywood NOTE Foundation will soon be announcing the 5 remaining awards: Visionary Spotlight Award: Male and Female, Inspiration for Humanity Award: Male and Female and Youth for Humanity award: Male.

About the Hollywood Note Foundation

The Hollywood Note Foundation is a nonprofit organization created to further promote and contribute to the global philanthropic endeavors of the Hollywood community. For over one hundred years, Hollywood has used its power to promote philanthropy around the world. Today, HNF aspires to maximize and recognize that power, and to change the world as it exists now. Through its premiere fundraising effort – the Change the World Humanitarian Awards Gala – the Hollywood Note Foundation bestows honors upon those Hollywood entities that do the most to improve our world.


Trina and Allison went  to LA September 9th to attend an event for the Hollywood Note Foundation, a nonprofit that promotes and contributes to global philanthropic endeavors of the Hollywood community. The “Change the World”  Humanitarian Award Honoree Launch Party was at the Beverly Hilton which hosted philanthropists, celebrities and many people from the entertainment industry.


This philanthropic stop soon developed into an adventure to remember  as they met a myriad of amazing people over the course of 2 days. First, they met Sebastian Siegel who has played roles in films that include Larceny, Reign of Fire, Atheist and The Family That Preys. He also hosts the show “Hit the Trail” which is part of the 21st Century Man series in Fine Living Network. He has even served as a consultant for the United States Department of Health and Human Service and has been published in the Medical Journal Consultant. AND he’s been on the covers of over 100 magazines! 

Trina and Sebastian found that they shared an affinity for similar literature including Paul Ferrini’s text “Love Without Conditions.” Sebastian recommended Ken Wilber’s book “A Theory of Everything” to Trina and mentioned that his latest endeavor involves developing content on comparative religions. The discussed the 2012 QUANTUM LEAP event, which Sebastian said he would love to attend. Trina says that he was “beautiful, talented and accomplished…a breath of fresh air.” The CloudNine team hopes to represent the launch of his spiritual compositions very soon.

The next day the CloudNine ladies met Greg Glass of BCIITV.com and producer of  Discovery’s Planet Green series “Living with Ed.” They had the opportunity to speak with Greg about the Emmy Award Nominated lead character and star of the series, Ed Begley since Ed is headlining the 2012 QUANTUM LEAP Green  content  coming this March. Having Ed share his spiritual and environmentalist beliefs would be an asset to the March event and we can not wait to see the outcome of this potential partnership!

Before the weekend came to an end, the ladies had the pleasure of meeting Chris Million, the CEO of lime.com!  A subsidiary of GAIAM   He also overseas the strategy and operations of  Lime Advertising Network, Yogamates.com, The Enlightenment Card and Conscious Enlightenment Publishing. For those of you who haven’t heard of Lime.com, it is a new social network focused around healthy living. It is one of our favorite sites! In fact, we are presently working to create partnerships for our clients with social networks like Lime.com. Needles to say, the ladies were so grateful to sit with Chris to discuss the further development of HolisticHealingNews.com and HHDirectory.com.

It was an exciting and enlightening trip filled with extraordinary people, an adventure both Trina and Allison won’t forget!  

Kailen Lee Hogan Joins Scottsdale’s CloudNine Marketing, Inc.

Kailen Hogan is a Journalist and published writer from St. George, Utah She is a senior at Arizona State University’s Walter Cronkite School of Journalism. She will receive her degree in Journalism and Mass Communication with an emphasis in Public Relations this year. Since 2005, she has worked for 944 Magazine, Élan Woman Magazine and Magic Dust Television.

She joined the CloudNine Marketing team with editorial and online media experience. Her major role as an editorial assistant is her emphasis on blogging for CloudNine clients She is extremely driven yet her passion for success is tempered by her positive attitude and humble outlook on life. Her main career interests include marketing, sales, public relations and event planning. Kailen lives in Phoenix with her fiancé and their two dogs. When she is not working, she focuses on her personal life which include fitness, travel, community service and most recently the wonderful world of holistic healing.

CloudNine Marketing, Inc., Unveils Its New Holistic Online Resource Directory

(Scottsdale, AZ.) CloudNine Marketing, Inc., a boutique PR firm founded in 1997, has built a strong following and client base promoting holistic healing events, including well known physicians, practitioners and authors. They are announcing the launch of www.holistichealersdirectory.com

It is designed to become the primary online source to serve the needs of individuals who seek holistically oriented resources and desire current and valid information on holistic health, spirituality and green living. This online directory will provide timely, applicable, and current information on various healing modalities that encompass the totality of body, mind, and spirit.

Over half of the population of the US is 50 years young, and the “baby-boomers” of the 1950s are just beginning to move into this age bracket. The difference is that these individuals are more active, educated, and generally more affluent than preceding generations. Another important distinction is their desire to return to a more natural form of healing, which encompasses many terms: holistic, integrative complementary, and alternative medicine. The term “alternative” may be considered a misnomer, as these forms of medicine have been practiced for thousands of years and represent the pinnacle of wisdom from Eastern and Western cultures. Conversely, “modern” or “traditional” or “allopathic” medicine actually began with the development of sulfa antibiotics in the 1930’s.

Dr. David Eisenberg, the former director of the Center for Alternative Medicine Research at the prestigious Harvard Medical School, sent repercussions throughout the medical world in 1993 with the publication of his seminal article on the use of Complementary and Alternative Medicine. The article was published in the New England Journal of Medicine, one of the most respected medical journals in the world. He reported that over 60 million Americans used some type of Complementary or Alternative therapy, spending over 13 billion dollars. Astoundingly, the number of visits to providers of Alternative and Complementary Medicine, now referred to as Integrative Medicine, (425 million) exceeded the number of visits to all primary care physicians in the United States (388 million).

A study of the quality of Dr. Eisenberg’s report has not yet been repeated for more current information. However, if the percentage of the gross national product that is consumed by medical expenditures is used to extrapolate the expenditures for Integrative Medicine, the amount spent in 2007 could range from 75 billion dollars to over 100 billion dollars. As staggering as this amount seems, it would most likely be an underestimate as personal spending on over-the-counter vitamins and supplements, massage, Reiki, and other Integrative Medicine disciplines appears to have continually increased and would not be included in these figures. Another astonishing finding from Dr. Eisenberg’s work was that almost 33% of spending was paid out-of-pocket.

In the US, according to the newly created National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine, 36% of adults are using some form of Integrative Medicine; increasing to 62% when neutraceuticals, vitamins, and supplements are considered.

National leaders in Anti-Aging Medicine, a newly created and respected medical specialty that has a certification board and a National Academy for certified medical physicians, maintains that individuals 50 years of age can become the equivalent of 40, 30, and even younger if they choose to gain knowledge about how to change their health, diet, and lifestyle – truly learning to live life to its fullest. “We expect our holistic directory and E ZINE to become a crucial and principal source for individuals to find healers from all branches of medicine who are using Integrative approaches in their practices. This holistic movement is growing exponentially despite the lack of traditional medical coverage that provides access to allopathic practitioners and pharmaceutical drugs. Integrative Medicine is thriving as people realize that medical insurance is more oriented to crisis, rather than prevention” says Trina Becksted Marsh, founder of CloudNine Marketing, Inc.

CloudNine will partner with 30-50 plus media entities, and like-minded online resources, garnering millions of viewers to cross promote and build their base of highly qualified practitioners. “We will be offering a free listing to those who want to be found in our directory and then various affordable membership levels which will allow members an online presence at our site that is user friendly, has easy to update files, events and offerings at no additional charge throughout the course of several months. By the end of the year 2008 we would like to have 1,200+ listings” says Marsh.

Starting today physicians, healers, practitioners, holistic and spiritual media, and companies offering products and services within this green centric genre, are encouraged to register for a free listing at www.holsitichealersdirectory.com For a cost of $49 these organizations will have the ability to link back to their sites and provide one of their event listings at the directory’s online calendar. For more information visit www.holistichealersdirectory.com. CloudNine’s Holistic Healing Site echoes the words of the physician Oliver Wendell Holmes written before the turn of the century:

“Of all the ills that suffering man endures,
The largest fraction liberal Nature cures.”

Internet Marketing Summer Intern Wanted

We will be on ASU’s Campus on Friday morning, April 25th to interview the ideal intern’s from the
Walter P. Cronkite School of Journalism.

If you know anyone who fits this criteria please have them contact us.

CloudNine Marketing Inc. seeks an intern/employee who is knowledgeable in maintaining existing websites, updating WORDPRESS blogs and basic graphic design work. This person can work from home saving time and money on travel. The hours are flexible and we are willing to work around your class schedule. Part time 10-15 hours a week ramping to 20+ for the qualified individual.

APPLICABLE MAJOR/MINORS: Business, Computer Science/ internet marketing, Communications and other relevant course work.

Experience with FLASH
Graphic Design- Photoshop
Java Script
Good written and verbal skills a must!

We are a progressive, boutique PR and Marketing Firm.
We have been around since 1997 see visit our website

We are launching new online media content for the holistic health industry. This is an excellent opportunity to get real world experience and share in this successful launch!

3.5 GPA desired Qualified individuals send resume to yvette@cloudninemarketing.com

Life Coach and Organizational Consultant Allison Cabral joins Scottsdale’s CloudNine Marketing, Inc.

Allison Cabral, life coach and organizational consultant has joined the team at CloudNine Marketing Inc, Scottsdale’s premier boutique Public Relations firm. Since 1997 CloudNine’s emphasis has been holistic and green marketing, public relations and event planning.

“We are excited and honored to have Allison with us! She will be an integral part of two upcoming launches. We are ecstatic,” says Trina Becksted Marsh, President of CloudNine Marketing Inc.. Allison brings with her a whole host of talent including 14 years of experience in marketing, public relations and change management in various industries including hospitality, healthcare, technology and design. This includes public relations and marketing with Canyon Ranch Resorts and consulting with Accenture, implementing change management strategies. Allison holds a B.S. degree in Mass Communications from Boston University. Her vast experience and expertise range from consulting, living in China as an educator, to professional speaking, a published writer, and a fitness and nutrition instructor.

Allison is a certified life coach with the North Star group founded by Dr. Martha Beck. She has coached hundreds on life balance, organization, weight loss, and parenting. She has appeared on television as a guest expert for Sonoran Living and Your Life A to Z and is a spokesperson for healthy, balanced living.

In her own life, Allison has learned how to integrate her roles as a coach, business owner, and mother to create a life she loves. Her passions are yoga, fitness, holistic healing, travel, surfing and perfecting the art of baking.