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Contact: Trina Becksted



Cheryl Bryant-Rushing Launches New Long-Awaited Website in Time for Christmas. Her Luxury Skin Care Motto is “Every Woman is Born to Adorn a Crown” https://www.bryantrushing.com.


“It took five years because it was a labor of love. I wanted it to demonstrate how I feel about women as well to present my phenomenal skin care line, Bryant Rushing Beauty,” Cheryl said in our recent interview. 


“It’s important for women to know that each and every one of them is beautiful in their own individual way and that that beauty has a responsibility: To carry beauty into all parts of their lives, their relationships, and their homes for in so doing, we change the world one woman at a time.”


Bryant Rushing Beauty is a luxurious skin care line for women of all ages. Including the newest and brightest ingredients in skin care, it’s approach is to treat and care for skin in all ages of life with products that both maintain and improve the complexion. 


Cheryl Bryant-Rushing is committed to empowering women to embrace the beauty of their lives. This is directly expressed in the motto within her logo. “Nee Pour Orneer Une Coronne” was an inscription on a piece of jewelry given to Queen Alexandria of Russia when she was a baby. The translation of that inscription is “Born to adorn a crown”. That epitomizes how Bryant-Rushing feels that every woman is born to adorn a crown.


Packaged in rich cobalt blue glass, Bryant-Rushing wanted the line to be beautiful to look at, avoiding the sterile medical approach to labeling seen on other anti-aging lines in the last twenty years. Containing both natural and powerful anti-aging ingredients, she feels very strongly that a woman feel beautiful as she lovingly practices her skin care ritual.


“I know from practicing aesthetics for over thirty years of experience that women often put themselves last in their own lives. What I want to connect to is her inner wisdom that beauty is lived, not applied, and that it radiates outward and touches the lives of everyone around her.”


Cheryl Bryant-Rushing is a practicing aesthetician in Phoenix, Arizona. Her skin care line is the product of over thirty years of experimentation, research, and development. After five years, her website finally launched last week. She can be reached at cbryant-rushing@cox.net and www.bryantrushing.com.  See her latest video here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0ZkSmIpPBB4