Dr. Robert M. Goldman – Hi it’s Dr. Robert Goldman and we’re here at the 22nd Annual World Congress of Anti-Aging and Regenerative medicine.
Trina Becksted – Thanks for the time to speak with us!
DRG – No problem, thanks for having me.
TB – I want to first ask you about the conference, what sort of trends and advancements are we going to see here at this year’s show?
DRG – Some of the trends we are seeing at the show, like Bio Identical Hormone replacement, are very popular now. Stem cells are also popular, in terms of being used in different preparations, from atioplus tissue and other materials for regenerating and reanimating. There is also a whole array of various pharmaceutical agents here. There are also, of course, advancements in sports medicine that are big component of the show. These include rehabilitation and devices.
TB – Aesthetics seems to be a large part of the show, what about that field?
DRG – Then, in the aesthetic area there are very innovative lasers that they are using now. These are really exciting because they are non-invasive. This means you can go in and you’ll look great just an hour later. We’re seeing this laser technology continue to improve in leaps and bounds. Topical medications and compounds have been developed to permeate the skin to build collagen and help reanimate dead tissue.
TB – That all sounds amazing! Are there any other areas being advanced in aesthetics?
DRG – There are just so many different areas that are being addressed. From musculo-skeletal areas to rebuild muscle and bone mass, losing fat in innovative ways, and focusing on the aesthetics on the outside, this truly is an exciting area of growth in technology. It continues to expand, and you can see that here today. This is the largest conference we’ve had in our history.
TB – The biggest? As a last question, could you tell us more about the institute and how it is growing?
DRG – There are thousands of doctors, and even in the backrooms there are hundreds and hundreds of physicians undergoing fellowship training and board certification programs. You won’t see them here at the conference because we have a series so many other divisions, such as the Metabolic Institute, that have come under our umbrella of our medical organization for training and education. We’ve trained over 150,000 doctors already, so this is a very substantial endeavor across 120 nations.