by Aimee Mays 

Having a website is a difficult business to be in but having some insight on how to make sure a website is successful is always a bonus!

Todd Hartley, the CEO of WireBuzz , along with Mark Traphagen held a talk on how to produce video content for a website that’s relevant. The main goal of running a successful is to make sure the subscribers count is constant and growing.

Traphagen is apart of Stone Temple Consulting and started the “Here’s Why” digital marketing video series. It was a way to show why digital marketing is important as well as how to make it happen for a business.

He is as passionate as can be and that is why he and Stone Temple Consulting has made an impact on the business world.

One of the main concepts of the talk was “creative content”— a crucial component for success. It is important to make sure the content is interesting and relatable for the consumers. If the content catches the consumers eye, the content will, most likely,  lead them back to the website.

Having the company’s name out there makes a difference and having digital marketing being a priority in a business is a big victory for website traffic.

Another intriguing thought provoked by the talk with Mark Traphagen is the concept of topic variation. No one wants to go to a website that constantly provides the same old, same old boring content. Having new and bright ideas for consumers to indulge in is how website traffic will increase.

Analytics is another topic talked about in the podcast. Traphagen addressed being able to find out what is being searched on the website and how much certain topics are being searched as well as key words. Based on the analytics people can edit the content being provided on the website and cater more to what the audience is wanting to see.

It is critical to understand that a video series isn’t a “quick fix” to all website problems, it is just an outlet to improve a website if done efficiently and properly. Turning out content is another way to making sure consumers are happy. Having new and fresh content grabs people’s attention and keeps it.

Marketing for your business is ultimately marketing for your website. Going out to the events and making a name for a business is another great way to gain viewers.

Consumers want eye pleasing content to capture and if they cannot only have it in their presence, but as well as online, growing a business will be much easier and faster and in today’s day-in-age, those two things are gold.

Ask, ask, ask your consumers what they want and how they want to see it! It makes all the difference in the world; Consumers of a website will notice that their voice is being heard and that will make people talk and hopefully that will bring new consumers to a website.

All of this information and more is found in the “Here’s Why” video series. A new video is posted every week so that consumers can be updated weekly with new and exciting content. Paying attention to the online and in-person consumers, as in looking at the analytics and stats, is imperative and makes a lasting effect on a website. Growing a business takes an incredible amount of time and effort and should not be seen as anything less, but using this video series can make it a lot more enjoyable and accessible to be able to advance a business. Success is just around the corner with the “Here’s Why” video series!

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