What’s Kinesiology?!

Ladies and gentleman, listen up because this is truly amazing! We don’t know if you have heard of Kinesiology before or not. If you haven’t you are seriously missing out on an amazing science! Kinesiology is basically applied human Kinetics. Simply put, it studies and analyses human movement. That’s right, it studies how our bodies function and move. Sounds pretty basic right?…Wrong, there is so much more to Kinesiology than meets the eye. kinesiological approach is applied via muscle testing and therapy.

“Its basic notion is that every organ dysfunction is accompanied by a specific muscle weakness, which enables diseases to be diagnosed through muscle-testing procedures.”

Sound to good to be true? Well this type of study is ancient, and since it is still used today…they must be on to something, don’t you think? The point is that people are desperate these days and medical care is much to expensive. If there was an alternative to medicine, would you explore it? Of course you would. Health care is such a gamble and it is so hard to rely on an unstable economy and health care provider when it comes time for you to get serious health care. Drugs and hospital are outrageously costly and many times the cost is not worth the outcome. Drugs sometimes only hide the pain temporarily and do not address the problem itself. Also, lets be honest…doctors don’t always have the answers do they?

Kinesiology is a remarkable tool that allows you to speak to the body, and if we can ask our body what’s wrong and get an answer and be on the road to a happier and healthier life, why wouldn’t we.  If our nervous system has the ability to give us the secrets to a long life…then lets listen to it! Many people believe that our nervous system is much like an electrical system in that it has both positive and negative flows and that it creates a measurable electromagnetic field. If electrical systems can be shorted than so can our bodies…but it just means something is out of wack and we need to be rewired if you will.

Trained professionals in this field have the ability to ask the body how things are going! They can hear what the body is trying to tell us. It’s time to listen! Why are we pumping our bodies full of these drugs when we can simply get to the bottom of things and solve the problem instead of masking it.

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