CloudNine Marketing is one of the top public relations agencies specializing in public relations consulting for sports figures like Nick Lowery, holistic start-ups, healers like Dr. Lodi and Dr. DeMartini and more. Use CloudNine Marketing for all your organic SEO, traditional and green PR needs.

Holistic Healers Directory (HHD), is one of the fastest growing holistic resource sites for alternative and integrative medicine. It is a place for ethical healers, practitioners, products and resources to gain exposure and grow their business for total wellness of mind, body and spirit at no cost for a regular listing.

HHD together with Holistic Healing News, is offering a unique opportunity to those in the field of integrative and alternative medicine. Joining the directory not only gives a free listing on a progressive site, it also offers the opportunity to publish articles pertaining to holistic health, wellness and anti-aging medicine on Holistic Healing News. These two sites coupled together help gain exposure to businesses, practices, products or resources. Throughout the month of October, CloudNine Marketing, one of the top public relations agencies in Scottsdale, AZ will be offering up to 70% off regular price for packages customized to fit your business’ needs.

The HHD and Holistic Healing News audience is gaining momentum: The average viewer is a thoughtful, progressive, affluent, and well-educated visitor ages 35 to 60 plus year’s young. This baby boomer generation now comprises more than 50 percent of the US population. They are more active, educated, curious and empowered to take charge of their health than previous generations.

This directory is positioned to be the number one online resource of its kind for Google and other search engines for consumers seeking practitioners, providers and resources in the areas of natural, integrative, spiritual and green-centric products.

Holistic health and wellness experts are now able to reach a fast growing audience with this unique opportunity to gain a free listing, publish their events and their articles for free. CloudNine Marketing, the parent company of HHD and HHN, is also offering up to 70% off marketing packages including public relations, SEO and traditional marketing, and event planning.

About Holistic Healers Directory was created by CloudNine Marketing, Inc. Since 1997, “we have helped pioneer the marketing of holistic health, self-awareness and human potential by bringing it mainstream”, says found Trina Becksted. Her work with Deepak Chopra and the Whole Life Expos gained her recognition as one of the premier promoters of this genre. CloudNine Marketing is now the agency of record for NFL hall-of-famer Nick Lowery. She and her staff intend to grow this directory into a world-class resource that includes only the best healers, products and green/organic entities and sponsors when she founded CloudNine Marketing.

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