Trina and Selena’s Hollywood Adventure for the Hollywood NOTE Foundation.We were honored to be a part of Change the World Humanitarian Awards.

For over one hundred years, Hollywood as used its power to promote philanthropy around the world. Today, HNF aspires to maximize and and recognize that power, and to change the world as it exists now. Through its premier fundraising effort, the Change the World Humanitarian Awards Gala, HNF will bestow honors upon those Hollywood entities that do the most to improve the world.

The Four abbreviated letters that comprise one third the title of the foundation, NOTE, also comprise the duty that Hollywood has accepted on its behalf:

Not On This Earth.

Not On This Earth: should people go hungry

Not On This Earth: should disease kill

Not On This Earth: should a child be without a parent

Not On This Earth: should a person be without a home

Not On This Earth: should our environment be exploited


We landed at 1pm jumped in the rental car and made a beeline to Malibu beach. We lay by the ocean being calmed by the waves and sunshine and saw some porpoises jumping in and out of the waves. We wanted to relax in some California weather before the busy day at the Beverly Hilton Hotel the next day. We drove through Topanga Canyon heading out of Malibu and spotted the most enchanting in venue in Southern California. It was a Shakespearean summer camp village that looked like it was right out of Midsummer Night’s Dream.  We went to a little nail salon as part of our coiffing. We had some Thai food at a little restaurant before heading back to the hotel for the night for our beauty sleep.

The next morning it was off to the Beverly Hilton Hotel to check in with Hollywood NOTE Foundation President Shelly Preston. The hotel was like a grandamme on Wilshire Boulevard. We don’t know how old it was but you could tell it had enchanting presence with celebrity pictures adorning the walls from Frank Sinatra to Audrey Hepburn to Marilyn Monroe that had stayed at the hotel in the past.


Trina was checking in celebrities for the red carpet photo opportunities with the paparazzi that were there and got to greet Ed Begley Jr., Scott Baio, Corey Feldman, and many other celebrities. Trina had met Ed Begley Jr. while at the Sun Festival, an ecology event in Scottsdale a few years ago and was delighted that he was able to participate as an honoree in this noteworthy and honored event.

Selena was responsible for taking the celebrities off the red carpet to the silent auction happening outside the ballroom, working with other volunteers from the Hollywood NOTE Foundation. It was such an opportunity to meet Bai Ling, an Oscar winning actress, and Oscar Nunez, a comedian from The Office.

Our swan song for the evening was that we got to walk the red carpet where other legends, along with these generous celebrities have been.