Contact: Trina Becksted


(Mesa, AZ) An Oasis of Healing continues to be at the forefront of healing and educating on the latest treatment protocols for cancer. Their Dr Jonathan Murphy, staff clinician, will share the information on the “Benefits of a Plant-based Diet”. He will be speaking at the Healthy Medicine Academy’s Fourth Annual Cancer Strategies Symposium. This year’s topic is: Building an Inclusive Framework in the Cancer Field: How Principles and Practice of Integrative Oncology Strengthen Cancer Care. Dr. Murphy’s Post Conference Workshop is Sunday, November 9, 2014, 4:15-7:15 PM at the Hyatt Regency Hotel in downtown Phoenix.

Founded by Dr. Thomas Lodi, An Oasis of Healing has attracted cancer patients from around the globe who want the latest in alternative and integrative therapies. Patients travel to An Oasis of Healing to participate in its Comprehensive Cancer Care program designed specifically for each patient to support their body in healing from cancer. The Comprehensive Cancer Care program at An Oasis of Healing empowers patients through their healing process with education, whole body cleansing and rebalancing, in addition to dietary and lifestyle changes while utilizing the latest scientifically validated intravenous treatments and nutritional supplements in integrative oncology. Many patients chose An Oasis of Healing because they want a more rational approach to treating cancer than what mainstream medicine offers through chemotherapy and radiation. Some have been told there is no hope, remedies or options for recovery by the traditional allopathic medical doctors. Once the patient understands how to engage the miraculous ability of the body to heal itself, they understand there is possibility; there is hope for healing.

The integrative and alternative cancer treatments they use to target cancer and enhance the immune system include these intravenous therapies:
•IPT or IPTLD (Insulin Potentiated Low dose chemotherapy)
•Sodium Selenite
•Ozone & Hydrogen Peroxide

Other intravenous therapies including a multitude of antioxidants, botanicals, pharmaceuticals and nutritional products designed specifically for individual needs.

Other new therapies that selectively eliminate cancer or strengthen and enhance the immune system are always under evaluation for use by their medical staff. For more information call (480) 834-5414 or visit