It may not be possible to be happy all the time, but it’s certainly worth aiming for! Sometimes just a little stress can cause unhappiness. Other times it’s something more serious, like losing your direction in life or questioning the value of a relationship.
Everyone experiences such dilemmas—you are not alone. It can be difficult to find the right answers, but one thing is for sure: we all want to be happy. Fortunately there are many ways to regain the happiness we seek in our lives.
One way is to develop an internal locus of control. Optimists tend to be more happy than pessimists, partly because they maintain an internal locus of control—a belief that they are in control of their own fate. They believe that they have the power inside of them to fix whatever problems come their way, and they reject acting like a victim. They experience less stress and they believe they are free to address problems in accordance with their own values, not someone else’s.
Those with an external locus of control feel powerless in the face of external circumstances, and let those circumstances dictate who they are. They may not be motivated to move beyond their current situation because they feel it is out of their control. They feel more stressed because they keep dealing with the same situations over and over again, which fuels their unhappiness, and the cycle continues to repeat itself.
Another way to find happiness is to change your environment. While this is certainly much easier said than done, making small changes in your surroundings can result in a big change in your outlook on life. Sometimes changing just one person or one situation can change your perspective drastically.
Try introducing yourself to someone you’ve seen many times at the coffee shop to bring a new experience into your life. Drop a romantic relationship that may be holding you back. This might free you up for new relationships – romantic or otherwise. Or reinvigorate a long lost or forgotten passion – a hobby, a sport, or a talent. The environment around that passion may have changed over time, so a familiar environment also becomes a new environment. The familiarity will help you ease back into the pursuit, but the unknown will motivate you to learn more about it. And opening up brand new passions releases you to explore new and exciting worlds to take your mind off things that make you unhappy.
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