(Santa Monica, California) Sacred Journey of the Heart will be playing at the 4th annual Awareness Film Festival in Santa Monica, CA. The festival goes from July 25-28, and Sacred Journey of the Heart will be playing Saturday, July 27th, at 11:15am at the Magicopolis 1418 4th St, Santa Monica, CA 90401

Writer, producer, filmmaker and visionary, Ronna Prince from Phoenix, Arizona, devoted three years of her life to make “Sacred Journey of the Heart,” a ground-breaking film documenting the science, spirit and healing capabilities of our heart, proving that we are all connected to each other and the earth around us. “Through researching the tenants of this film and exploring the head/heart and emotional connection, I discovered that we are all connected both physically and mentally to each other and, quite literally, to the earth around us,” said Ronna Prince, writer and producer of Sacred Journey of the Heart. “By understanding the “oneness” of us all and understanding that we are not disparate beings, perhaps the world could become a more peaceful, more healing place.”


The Awareness Film Festival awarenessfestival.org is a dynamic festival promoting the awareness of world issues. Bringing together filmmakers, artists, educators, environmentalists, alternative health practitioners and other industry professionals, the Awareness Film Festival aims to inspire the public through this engaging, entertaining and unique annual event in the film capital of the world.

Themes represented in this year’s films include: green and eco-friendly living, homelessness, gang/felon reform, veteran’s issues, cancer survival, GMOs, marijuana policy reform, couch- surfing community, pilgrimages, mental health stories, vision loss, women’s issues; stories of hope, the arts, spirituality, and current events. Festival prices range from free panels and select free screenings, to $11 for individual presale tickets, $14 at the door, to $175 for VIP festival passes.

New this year, the Awareness Film Festival will be a Zero Waste event stemming from its collaboration with Zero Waste Co zerowasteco.com. By rethinking, recycling, composting, and donating waste materials, all waste will be diverted from landfills.

This enlightening documentary provides a wealth of tools, techniques and information on how to heal, forgive and trust and, ultimately, inspire others to make their own sacred journey into their own hearts to become more connected and attune to the beautiful world that envelopes us all.

See movie trailer here: http://www.sacredjourneyoftheheart.com/About/Trailer