Many times, people will find themselves distanced from the natural world and therefore begin to experience more suffering and disease. Raise Your Vibrations, Transform Your Life will bring readers closer to nature, natural lights and sounds, and natural food to reclaim health and inner peace.


Dawn James, author of Raise Your Vibrations, Transform Your Life discovered she was an empathic intuit at a young age and later began having precognitive dreams that continued into adulthood. After a near death experience, the mother, wife and corporate executive began realizing that she was gifted with the knowledge of spirituality, vibrational frequency and higher consciousness. This was the beginning of Dawn’s transformation to becoming a healer, teacher and speaker.


With the help of this book or ebook, readers will learn how to raise vibrational energy and strengthen the mind-body-spirit network. Readers bodies will become stronger and healthier and energy systems will become more fluid and composed. This book on healing will help readers raise their vibrations to be untouchable by lower vibrations like fear, pain and unpleasant people. Sounds for healing are also provided on her website from the last affirmation in the last chapter which explains how to live in love. There are many sounds for healing available for those who seek even higher vibrations.


Dawn James is also providing to Spanish speaking countries. By having her ebook available in Spanish, Dawn is able to spread her book on healing to more people around the world and offer personal roadmaps to healthy, conscious and stress free living. Dawn covers all the same concepts and covers simple and effective ways to relieve stress, eliminate toxins and return to equilibrium in life by responding to situations in life with ease and grace. To find out more or to purchase the book or ebook, please visit