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(Scottsdale AZ) CloudNine Marketing, Inc. is about to launch their latest online venture This newly created website is the collaboration of an Arizona State University’s (ASU) Computer Science team. This is known as their Capstone project.

The site is slated to be completed by early December 2105. According to Trina Becksted, Publisher of this new site and President of CloudNine Marketing. Inc. “we have positioned ourselves as a premier Holistic Marketing and PR firm for holistic and green clients since 1997, when we first launched. We created Holistic Healing News and it sister Directory 7 years ago as guaranteed points of media presence for clients in this natural medical industry AND as a way for visitors to our sites to gain valuable information on natural, integrative healing. This information includes modalities to heal the emotional and energetic/spiritual body as well.

Visitors to the current sites find articles, recipes, free downloads on the latest in cancer prevention and treatments, yoga, films and entertainment along with men and women’s natural healing. Their newest site will have a directory of practitioners, spas, resorts, yoga studios, wellness centers and other energy medical healers who can register for free when the site is complete. Visitors will be able to gain valuable self care information and purchase products and events at a discount.

The site will be complete with a state of the art CRM, SEO and E Commerce platforms for a robust online health offering.