(Phoenix, AZ) Kansas City Chiefs Hall of Famer Nick Lowery is used to tackling his career and life with confidence, passion and precision. This motivation and drive for greatness has made Lowery the most accurate, powerful and prolific kicker in NFL history, a Kansas City Chiefs hall of fame inductee, humanitarian and most recently a sought after motivational speaker.

Lowery has a history of working with youth. His foundation that bears his name has been offering mentorship programs for nearly 20 years. He is now offering the gift of a “BOGO” (buy one, get one) to expand his outreach to youth. With this program, the corporation or entity will become recognized sponsors of Lowery’s free speaking engagement at their local high school or junior high. At this event, he will reinforce awareness and important messages on drug use, bullying and the importance of leadership and purposeful education.

When we fuse our highest passion with commitment and focus, we discover perhaps for the first time a purpose that fills every breath, every word, and every step we take, both in and out of school: it is the missing piece in an education system crying out for meaning, and for a generation that has been largely deprived of a real mission. ”

The speech will be followed by autograph signings with Nick’s Hall of Fame posters (featured at . His series of speeches, Lowery Speaks, will motivate audiences in all aspects of life. He will be sharing his wisdom in three speaking presentations, all of which qualify for the BOGO program:

1. Naked and Alone with 80,000 People – Lessons from an NFL kicker’s Hall of Fame Career:

2. Leadership 101 – When in the spotlight, it’s not the brightness on the outside but the intensity of the light within:

3. The Butterfly Effect – Secrets to overcoming nerves and taking your game to the next level:
Lowery worked for Presidents George HW Bush (1989) and Bill Clinton (1993) in the White House Office of National Service, helping launch Americorps. He earned his bachelor’s degree in Government from Dartmouth College. In 2001, Lowery became the first professional athlete to earn an MPA and fellowship from the Kennedy School of Government at Harvard University.

Contact Trina Becksted 480/419.1799 to become a part of this exciting program or to schedule an interview. See for more information.

*For every corporation or entity that becomes a BOGO program sponsor by November 15, 2011, a local high school or junior high will receive a free speaking engagement during the 2011-2012 school year. Speaking engagements will be scheduled on a first come first served availability basis. Sponsors will be presented with a framed, autographed poster and plaque during the school assembly and a photo opportunity with Mr. Lowery. They can share this information on their company websites and newsletters to build morale.