This program is for people who are concerned with the accumulation of toxic substances in their body. It is for those who have been exposed, those who feel they may have had exposure, those looking to minimize future health risks from exposure, and those who have not been able to be helped by past medical efforts.
Every aspect of our program is supervised by licensed physicians with extensive training in environmental medicine. Such training enables our physicians to properly and definitively diagnose toxicity issues using specialty testing, as well as safely and effectively facilitate the removal of these substances out of the body.

Participants will receive a detailed analysis of both their acute and long-term toxic exposures. Our physicians will then construct a patient-specific plan for the elimination of the identified toxins. Detoxification programs may include the following depending on each participant’s needs: IV therapy, IR sauna, lymphatic massage, and targeted supplementation. The detoxification programs also include suggestions for minimizing chemical toxins in the future through proper selection of foods, cosmetics, personal hygiene products, and more.

Our program is directed by Dr. Marianne Marchese, author of “8 Weeks To Women’s Wellness.” Dr. Marchese is a recognized expert in the adverse health effects of environmental toxin exposure, as well as in toxin elimination and avoidance. Learn more about Dr. Marchese here.
Program Participants will be tested for numerous environmental toxins.
More testing is often performed depending on a participant’s medical history.For more information regarding scheduling and cost please call the office directly at 602-493-2273

Nutrition for kids … and the whole family! 

Lecture with Dr. Jesika DiCampli

Do you want to know how to optimize your nutrition?
Are you having trouble getting your family to eat healthier?
Do you struggle with finding nutritive foods that your child is willing to eat?
Are you concerned about weight gain or fatigue?
Are you pregnant and wondering what you should be eating?

If any of these apply to you, please join us for a lecture on nutrition for the whole family! With Dr. DiCampli’s help, learn how to:

* Increase energy and encourage weight loss through nutrition
* Help your family eat a healthier diet — and like it
* Optimize your nutrition in pregnancy and beyond!

The event is scheduled for 

Tuesday September 18, 2012

6:00 pm to 7:00 pm

The event will take place at: 

Longevity Medical Health Center / Naturopathic Family

Located at:

13832 North 32nd Street
Suite #126
Phoenix, AZ