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March 26, 2014    

(Scottsdale, AZ)

From the wheel chair bound to the overweight or out of shape person who hasn’t exercised in years, the Ageless Movement & Breath Program is a safe, easy and fun way to help people feel better. Nick Montoya, yoga therapist and coach is the creator of the Ageless Program.

After extensive collaboration with physical and occupational therapists, he developed this powerful newly released DVD by Vayu Productions.  It is helping those suffering from ailments that limit their movement. People with spinal cord injuries, or those undergoing physical rehabilitation, or living with pain are now benefiting from the Ageless Movement and Breath from Your Chair DVD.

Physical Therapists are using it with their patients and the Arizona Spinal Cord Injury Association has endorsed the program for people with these injuries. “Anyone can benefit tremendously and improve their quality of life with Ageless Movement & Breath from Your Chair says Montoya, “no matter their age or ailment or physical condition.”

Students of the program have improved their quality of life, have found themselves getting emotionally and physically stronger, they are healthier, more flexible and have more energy, all by using simple and natural methods of moving and breathing.

This daily DVD program is medically designed to get EVERYONE moving & breathing, no matter their age, physical ability, ailment or illness. It’s an inspiring program that integrates physical therapy, occupational therapy and yoga movement & breath to help patients and the general public gain strength, increase flexibility, reduce stress and manage pain.

No matter how old, sick or immobile a person is, or the injuries they have sustained everyone needs to breathe and move.  Testimonials are mounting from people who have used Ageless Movement and Breath from your Chair.  Like this one from a former obese woman who suffered from depression

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