The Perfect Health program at the Chopra Center turned out to be “The Perfect Christmas Gift” for myself this past Christmas week Dec. 26-30th 2008. I was



reluctant to leave my family and fly out on Christmas day but I had committed to checking in at The Chopra Center on December 26th   at 7:30 AM. 


Perfect Health is a 5 day panchakarma program. My lovely consultant, Lisa Rodrigues instilled faith in my decision to invest in myself with this Christmas gift to me. It was a lifetime experience that I will never forget.


The Chopra Center is nestled away on the, gorgeous grounds of the La Costa Resort and Spa in Carlsbad, California.  It is a tranquil and quaint setting to get away from it all and experience the nourishing transformations that one encounters while at The Center.


There were 22 of us in total, not including the beautiful Chopra Center’s staff.   They were a delightful group to share this near week of detoxing of mind body and spirit.  We learned about our doshas, that is the ancient Ayurvedic term for body constitutions.  They are like the somatatypes like endomorph, ectomorph and mesomorph.  In Ayurveda they are called Pitta, Vata and Kapha.  Based on our doshas we then were instructed on what to eat, what to drink wear and even what massage oils should be used on us.


 During the week, I had a visit with one of the physicians, Dr. Valencia Porter, M.D. who reviewed my diet, some of my daily habits in addition to my emotional state.  I am now using this knowledge of my diet and my doshas in order to maintain my health/well being and remain in balance.


Throughout the week, we had yoga and meditation twice a day.  We deepened our relaxation with massages or body treatments, one every single day!   Oil was applied directory to our scalps to get the necessary healing-herbs in our systems. We were walking around with very oily hair and loving it!  To aid in our healing process, we ate organic breakfasts and lunches there every day.  Oatmeal, nuts and fruit in the AM rice and Dahl for lunch.  There was always plenty of hot ginger tea to drink which aided our digestion.  Eating light was important as we were really flushing out our systems.


There were inspiring and informative lectures each day to educate us so we could help keep these practices alive when we returned home…


In my opinion, the most stimulating of the lectures was given by The Chopra Center’s  co founder the beloved David Simon, M.D. He talked about emotions and communicating effectively with our family, loved ones and coworkers. Most disease after all, is derived from emotional upsets. Using Marshall Rosenberg’s Nonviolent Communication techniques David spoke on the importance of learning how to communicate effectively if we want to eliminate imbalance and ward off diseases, like infections, high cholesterol and prevent heart attacks and strokes. Simon’s new book will be out in June of 2009 and CloudNine will share his work and his book throughout several markets, Phoenix, Cleveland, and San Diego when we bring him in for several engagemetns. All in all, it was a fabulous gift that I gave to myself this Christmas season.


I especially want to thank Lisa for encouraging me to go and thank the wonderful staff from The Chopra Center for making this an unforgettable Perfect Health week.   


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