by Trina Becksted, CloudNine Marketing

The Unity of Divine Love had a special screening of The Moses Code, It was set for a unique synchronized worldwide opening on the weekend of April 5, 2008. The Moses Code is a powerful film bringing together some of the best-known spiritual leaders of our time to discuss the importance of service as a spiritual practice. Setting the stage for a new paradigm in filmmaking, this is the first time that a major spiritual film is being released in conjunction with a worldwide prayer vigil (April 6th).

We saw this movie over the weekend and were inspired by it. Some of the cast I/CloudNine represented back in Cleveland, OH…. During the Days of the Whole Life Expo we promoted Debbie Ford- Author The Dark side of the Light Chasers. This book taught us to own the unloved unsavory sides of us in order to heal them.

I have some history with James Twyman the producer as I hosted him at my home in Cleveland some years ago. Known as the modern day St. Francis he serenaded me with his Peacemaker songs and demonstrated his spoon bending capabilities using his power of intention. The trailer is below and without giving too much of the story line away, it describes the path to GOD as the acronym:

O- Oneness
D- Destiny

We will support Spiritual cinema’s effort promote this film. Please watch the trailer of the film at