Pictured here is Trina Becksted.

CloudNine Marketing’s Trina Becksted and Gate6 Inc. are new business partners

Trina Becksted, President of CloudNine Marketing Inc. and publisher of Holistic Healing News,  has solidified a partnership with Gate6 Inc.

Gate6 Inc, an award winning development agency, has called on the expertise of Trina Becksted to improve their future business model and strategy. 

Becksted is joining Gate6 Inc.’s team as an independent business consultant. She will work with Gate6 Inc.’s CEO Manish Mamnani closely on targeting and pinpointing new business endeavors, creating new business strategies and marketing campaigns, improving client relations, and capitalizing on sales outreach.

With Becksted’s extensive knowledge in public relations, digital media, and marketing she will contribute to Gate6 Inc.’s success greatly.